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Today, we head to our final destination, Koh Yao Noi. To get there, we're taking a taxi, bus, airplane, another taxi, and a boat so needless to say, we have some time to catch up on the last 3 wonderful days. 

After leaving the River Kwai in the Kanchanaburi province, we headed to Ayuttaya, the former capital city of Thailand. On the way we stopped at the former summer palace of the king. (side note: the people here LOVE their king. They have photos/shrines EVERYWHERE.) It was one of the most beautiful and tranquil places I've ever been. This was the first instance of heavy European influence  on architecture/style we've seen. We then headed to the ruin city which was FASCINATING and the first ruins I've ever seen in my life. Apparently, the Thais have a long history of fighting with the Burmese, which was so interesting to learn about. We saw many Buddhist nuns here, which I didn't even know existed. They all had shaved heads and wore all white. So cool. That night: first tuk tuk ride!! So much fun. 

Our trip quickly turned from more history than I could handle to party central when we arrived in Pattaya, the "Las Vegas of Thailand". We had the greatest new years ever. Our hotel had a HUGE feast surrounding the beautiful pool area. Pretty sure every species of sea food was offered, CREPES, Pad Thai, sushi, the list on. I think Nathan ate 16 plates of food. We walked along on beach with TONS of live music and lanterns being released over the ocean everywhere. We found an outcropping of rocks where we sat and could see all sides of the city around us. At midnight, we watched dozens of firework displays go off at once all around the city. Incredible. 

On new years day, we took a boat out to Coral Island for a day relaxing on the beach and SWIMMING IN THE PACIFIC FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! 

Our time in Pattaya and Coral Island was made extra fascinating by the OVERWHELMING domination by Russian tourists. Every sign in the city was in Thai, English and Russian. I've always been fascinated by Russia and Russian people and was like a freaking kid in a candy store watching them. Takeaways: The women are beautiful, the men have terrible haircuts and they all smoke 10 packs a day, minimum. 

The Pacific ocean yesterday and the Indian Ocean today to end our trip for 3 days on Koh Yao Noi. It's been incredible. 

Finally, I'm not sure if this counts for my weird food on a stick game since it actually wasn't on a stick, but 2 days ago we saw fried rat....... The tail served as the stick so I'M COUNTING IT. 

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