Ed and Marilyn, summer trip 2005 travel blog

Leaving Homer Spit on Jens' boat

Dad/Ed with Jens' boat on Neptune Beach

Klaar property on Neptune Beach.

Mim, Jens, and Ed

1964 earthquake tree disasters

Ed bringing in the anchor with Butch watching

Wed., Aug. 24th

We spent today just poking around the rivers at Anchor Point, working on fishing gear, then decided to camp at a full service campground in Homer, called Ocean View Campground. Laundry was done, emails read and some travel journal sent. We also went in some shops in the town of Homer, and bought groceries.

Thursday, 25th August in Homer, Alaska

How lucky are we??!! Jens invited us to go out in his boat! He owns a 29 foot inboard/outboard Volvo gas engine fishing boat. He moors it at Homer Spit, close to their shop. We met him there this AM and headed out across the bay. The water was calm in the morning, the weather perfect. We stopped to fish a few times, in water depths of 120 and 160 feet. The fishing was slow, and the sharks found us a couple of times, but Butch and Jens caught a small Halibut each. We caught sharks and "Mother-in-law" fish, a name they kiddingly use for Sea Robins (Sculpin).

The views across the bay were wonderful - mountains, some with snow on the top, a couple of small glaciers, and forests of course. We landed on the shore where Leslie's Mom owns land. Jens has built a few small cabins there, one of which Leslie's Mom, who lives on the beach in Homer, stays in very often in the summer. She sets fish traps on the shore by her cabin for her salmon. This is allowed for any Alaskan resident. Jens' cabin has a Swedish type sauna in it. Erika has hosted birthday parties there, where they enjoy using the sauna, then jumping into the sea at high tide. What fun!

A picnic lunch on the shore, and then we walked, finding tracks from wolf, moose and bear in the mud and sand. Several bald eagles were flying close by and landing in the spruce. Jens is planning to build a new cabin for Mom in Sept. and has a site chosen to build a cabin for them in the future. How fortunate they are that Mom claimed this land many years ago, when it was available thru some type of Homestead Act. The wind had built up and beautiful clouds were in the sky for the ride back to Homer Spit. We watch our first ever Sea Otters, lying on their backs, munching away on some ocean goodie.

To top the day off, we went to the Klaar home for dinner again, where Jens cooked our Halibut. He deep fries chunks of the fish which he dips in a beer batter. Delicious! Myrna and I brought potatoes, salad, carrots, and ice cream. Ed made the cocktail sauce with Jens instructing! We will call this sauce, "Ed's Sauce" from now on. We'll turn him into a cook yet! Another wonderful evening with great company. Grace has her hay, the ducks are settling down for the night, the rabbits are still running around the yard, the chickens are scratching in the shrubs and the pigs are spending their last night in the pen (due to go to the butchers tomorrow). We are in our camper, parked by their yard, sleepy from our day on the water, and with our tummies full of yummy food, wine and coffee. Goodnight all.

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