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Sunday, August 28

Evening has arrived in the forest of the Russian River Campground, with darkness approaching at 9:00 PM. This has changed so much in the time we have been here as we hardly even saw darkness the first 2 weeks.

A day of little excitement, but they can't all be exciting! Leaving Ninilchick Beach in the morning, we did some journal sending while parked at a campground close by, where they have wireless internet. The computer charges in the truck as we drive if we haven't had electricity recently. I had bought a converter for Dad/Ed for Fathers' Day. It plugs into the lighter in the truck, converting 12 volts into 110. He was surprised to see how well it works. It sure is handy! We run the little truck refrigerator that you gave to him, Brett and Jeanne, and so have cold drinks while traveling. We laugh at all our charges, and plug-ins - some rough campers we are!! We also charge the video camera, and the cell phones.

Heading north, we arrived back at the Russian River where we fished several days ago. Dad/Ed had watched men trout fishing at that time. They were doing extremely well, and he hoped to return here again later to try it. They were actually fishing illegally as they were using beads for fish egg bait, and were not allowed to do so until after August 20. Not too many salmon eggs were in the river at the time, so the rainbow trout were responding well to their bead imitation salmon egg bait. However, now the salmon are here by the hundreds, all spawning, and many dying in the river, the natural course of their life. There are so many eggs on the bottom of the river that the trout were not hitting on imitation eggs at all this afternoon while the 4 of us were fishing.

Dinner at the picnic table consisted of Mother's recipe for chicken divan, with broccoli, and brown rice with garlic. A surprise shower resulted in a quick dinner and a dousing of the campfire. An early night for us and a chance to read and write this journal.

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