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Monday, August 29

Dinner was just eaten on another beach picnic table. This time in Seward, Alaska. We left the Russian River this AM as the trout were not biting at all last night as there is just too much natural food available to them in the form of thousands of salmon eggs.. We drove north, then east and then south on Rte. 9, still in the Kenai Peninsula. Seward is located on Resurrection Bay, east coast of Kenai Peninsula. It is a picturesque community nestled between high mountain ranges on a small rise stretching from Resurrection Bay to the foot of Mount Marathon. Downtown Seward has a frontier-town atmosphere with some homes and buildings dating back to the early 1900's. Historically, Seward was an important transportation hub for Alaska's mining, exploration, fishing and trapping industries. The town (named for US Sec. of State William H. Seward who was instrumental in arranging the purchase of Alaska from Russia in 1867), was established in 1903 by railroad surveyors as an ocean terminal and supply center. This is the site of the original famous Iditarod Trail sled Dog Race.

After finding our camping spot here at the beach, we left to make reservations for a boat tour tomorrow. Then off to the SeaLife Center, where we spent an enjoyable few hours. Displays telling about Alaska's waters, fish, mammals, and the problems they face were interesting. Live fish of all kinds, prevalent in this state were in aquariums, as well as seaweed, anemones, and crustaceans. Best of all were the sea birds, including puffins, sea lions, (one extremely large male), and harbor seals.

A walk on the downtown street where we went into some of the shops, and later, Myrna and I went to the dreaded laundromat. There is a wireless internet here in Seward (not free but payable by the hour thru a credit card), so I will get this journal up to date. Good night, all.

PS. Later this evening - not able to get onto the wireless internet. Just wanted to add to this to let you know that we viewed a black bear on the mountain that Dad/Ed spied with his binoculars. He was in the blueberries up there. Then we watched a sea otter swimming in front of the camper, lying on his back, munching away on a salmon! So cute!!!

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