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We began our epic (and grueling) journey home yesterday, with a boat ride from Koh Yao Noi, a flight from Krabi to Bangkok, 6 hours in the Bangkok airport and a 5 hour flight to Beijing. This was possibly the best thing to happen to us, as going directly from 90 degrees in Thailand to -5 in Iowa could've been QUITE the shock to the system, but luckily we have some 25ish degree weather to enjoy for our last outing in China!

To be perfectly honest, I didn't enjoy China all that much the first 8 hours out (I know, I was such a pro on the country by that point) and wasn't entirely sure I wanted to experience anything more. Because of that, Nathan and I could not decide for the life of us whether or not to venture out to visit the Great Wall for our last 8 hour layover in Beijing. We were exhausted, feeling a little squeezed for cash and not in the mood to haggle with anymore taxi drivers. But OH MY GOSH, I'm so glad we sucked it up and took advantage of the opportunity in front of us.

I've always been more drawn to travel in the great outdoors and experience the natural beauty of this world rather than the big cities and the man made and I figured once I'd seen a picture of the Great Wall, I'd seen it all, right? SO NOT RIGHT, KATELYN. SO NOT RIGHT. I've never been more taken aback by a man made structure in my entire life. The wall was incredible and paired with the views of the sweeping mountain vistas, I couldn't have been more inspired.

It was a cool, crisp, sunny, wind-free day and after walking up 1,661 STAIRS TO GET TO THE TOP (yes, we counted) Nathan and I were both ready to strip off our coats (and Nathan his shirt, evidence in the attached photo) and enjoy the beautiful January day. Every photo I've ever seen of the wall, it is over-crowded with people but we were nearly the only ones there, so we got to explore the whole thing uninterrupted.

This entire honeymoon was more than I could've ever imagined for my first time outside of the country. 2 weeks was the perfect amount for me to be away and although this trip has only wet my appetite for all the other places I hope to visit in my lifetime, I am ready to be back home in my favorite place in the world, Iowa :)

Nathan and I realized we took a HUGE gamble having my first international experience be somewhere SO different from what I know and for quite a longtime, at that! But I enjoyed every second of this trip and Thailand and it's people will always hold a very special place in my heart as my first time away from the comfort of America.

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