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Raquel is 11 and is a serious tennis player

Ryan is 6 and soccer is his current sport

Bill was relaxing in the pool in Las Vegas

The RV park in Bakersfield has a great sports bar

If you look hard you can see the fighter jet in the...

Our little Lupine Valley Road.......and yes, we have lupines

I managed to back the beast up the driveway in one non-stop...

The house looks the same

Bill's lawn needs a little water (along with the rest of California)...

Our friend organized our mail and had it waiting for us on...

We stopped in Las Vegas for a quick visit with Bill's nephew and his wife, Bill and Melissa. His nephew was named after Bill and was our ring bearer in our wedding in 1977 when he was six years old.

Bill and Melissa have two great children, Raquel who just turned 11, and Ryan who was 6 in January. We were able to get together at the RV park for a visit one day and go out to dinner the next night.

We then left Las Vegas and headed home, staying overnight in Bakersfield at a great RV park that has a sports bar/restaurant in the middle of the park. We don't have to unhitch the truck. Bill checked us in, got his complimentary freshly baked chocolate chip cookies at the registration desk (you can always smell the cookies baking when you walk into the office:), and we were escorted to our site.

Perfect timing ! It was HAPPY HOUR ! Over to the bar we walked, all 30 yards, where I ordered a delicious COSMO. I have to say it was one of the best ones I have had !

We ordered some appetizers as they are half price between 4-6pm and Bill had a beer which was a dollar off. What a deal !

We left the next morning for the four hour drive home. We drove up our road where everything looked the same. It's nice to live on a dead end road with only three residences past our house since the odds of anyone coming down the road while I back the truck and trailer down the road and up our driveway is slim.

I usually have to spend a minute or two backing up the trailer as our driveway is basically a 90 degree angle to the road and I'm backing from a descending road to an ascending driveway. Bill gets out and starts giving me signs and gestures, unique signals he has created and their meanings are known only to him.

Seeing as we have managed to cohabitate very well for a month together in less than 400 square feet with very little "alone time" (unless you call my grocery shopping or his napping "alone" time), it's a shame to end the trip in the last two minutes with Bill yelling, "What are you doing?" or me yelling back "What does that mean?" as he makes a driving motion of an invisible steering wheel.

Keeping in mind I am using mirrors and backup cameras to park our little "vacation home" how hard can it be? But when someone starts gesturing like HE IS THE ONE DRIVING and then STEERING that invisible steering wheel, whichever direction he is steering I see in REVERSE, so it is almost a guarantee that I will steer the WRONG WAY than he intended. And why he continues to drive that invisible steering wheel when I've said to simply point to where he wants the back end corner of the trailer to go and I will put it there. Doesn't that sound simpler ?

But this time I did it ! I totally ignored Bill. I don't even know where he was standing. I simply pulled up our road to where I thought I should stop. I think I saw him in the mirror gesturing me to stop sooner but I thought I want more room on the road and Bill always thinks I can do it with less. Then I start to back down the road, seeing Bill looking annoyed already. He'll get over it. It's not the first time I haven't listened to him - shocking, I know.

Bill then stands at the corner of our driveway swinging his arms back and forth like an elephant with his trunk going forward and back. Oh yes, I know that gesture - feed Bill peanuts. I keep backing down the road and start turning sooner than Mr. Peanut seems to think I should, but again, he'll get over it. He knows it's time to move or he and his swinging trunk are going to get run over. So up the driveway he goes because he's sure I'm going to need him to guide me and make sure I don't hit our cars we left parked at the top of our driveway.

But I have no idea where he went because I can't see him in my mirrors. I've mentioned to him in the past that if he can't see me then I can't see him either :) But I continue to back - and up our driveway I went !

Woo hoo ! I never went forward once - this has to be a first. I never had to jockey around once I was in the driveway to get the truck and trailer over to where we park them. They went exactly where they belonged on one motion and I know for a fact that IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN !!!

I got out of the truck and thanked Bill for all his help and said I couldn't have done such a perfect parking job without him. He looked at me suspiciously, not sure what to say.

I walked inside the house to see all our mail and it reminded me of what we have only a couple weeks to do - file our TAX RETURNS. Yes, we are one of those crazy people who use Turbo Tax and do our own tax returns (with the help of a friend who reviews them for us, she's a retired professional) so the screaming and bloodshed should begin very soon !

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