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Today we are in Sitka, Alaska a beautiful little place for our last stop before Vancouver.

For centuries Sitka was the ancestral home to the Kiksadi clan of the Tlingit people. In 1799, Russian territorial Governor Alexander Baranof negotiated a deal with the local chief to build St. Michael Archangel, a wooden fort and trading post 6 miles south of the present town. He moved large numbers of his Russian hunters there from Kodiak Island.

War broke out between the Russians and the locals who were driven to the other side of the Island in 1804. Sitka became the Capital of the Russian Empire in Alaska, prospering by the sales of sea otter pelts. This lasted for 60 years until the sea otters were nearly extinct. Russia sold their holding to the U.S. in 1867 for $7,200.000. Thought to be not a great move at the time by many Americans it has of course since proven itself with natural resources.

We just enjoyed walking around town looking at the souvenirs. We walked along the waterfront to Totem Park and had a walk through before heading back to the tenders to get back to the ship. A lovely sunny day in a delightful little place to finish up our marathon journey.

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