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Cool cactus forest on the drive to the park

The Valley

Some sand dunes in the park

First sign arriving at the park


We went on a drive, this is what we saw.

Our camp site

Lowest point in North America


Where our campsite was

Notice the white "Sea Level" sign way up on that mountain!

Never caught 100 on the screen... but 99* at 4:20 p.m. Wow!

After much debate one which way to head to the Northwest (travel through Utah and see all the beautiful parks in the southern part, go to Lake Tahoe in Northern Nevada, or up California). We decided to do the latter and go up through California.

One night in Death Valley is all we could handle! It is a huge National Park (lots of nothing!)... so if you ever visit- make sure you have a full tank of gas and a car with good air conditioning! Unfortunately, we didn't have any air conditioning in our camper.... or electricity for a fan, so it was pretty warm at night! It reached 100* while we were there, only cooling off to 75 at night.

But at least we can say we have been to the hottest place ever recorded on the Planet and also the lowest elevation in North America! (-280 below sea level!)

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