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Nenana Railroad Museum

Room where President Harding and his wife slept

Rate for the restored rooms in the railroad depot/museum

Memorial to the Alaska Territorial Guard

About the Alaska Territorial Guard

Spent the day running errands, doing laundry and grocery shopping, etc. in Fairbanks. That was the most expensive laundromat we’ve ever done laundry in. Too bad the machines were old and didn’t do that great a job. Oh, well, that’s the way it is some days. All laundromats can’t be as good as the one in Fort Pierre SD, I guess. Headed south for Mount McKinley and stopped in Nenana for the night. They have an old train depot where President Warren G. Harding, his wife and his mistress spent the night (the mistress had her own room.) On July 15, 1923, Harding drove the golden spike in the railroad tracks on the north side of the Mears Memorial Bridge (over the Tanana River). Driving this spike completed the Alaska Railroad. Harding took the golden spike with him so that it could be displayed in Washington D.C. The spike was with Harding’s entourage when he reached San Francisco in August 1923. Harding died there of unknown causes on August 7th. The golden spike never made it to Washington D.C. and no one knows what happened to it (or so the guide at the museum in Nenana says.) That’s today’s history lesson. (Can you tell I majored in history when I went to college?) Oh, by the way, you can rent one of those rooms for the night if you want. They’ve restored them pretty nicely.

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