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First step getting through barrier

2nd step getting through barrier. If bikes too long, bugger!


Canal boat up close

Lolly stop along the canal

It was back to the Canals this morning. The tracks were generally better than yesterday - no grass. Still the occasional narrow dirt track, felt like mountain bikers at times. What was really annoying and really slowed us down was all the barriers. Most required lifting bikes or backing them into to a shute.

One section we were supposed to cross the canal at a Lock. There was no way we would have done that without completely unloading the bikes. Luckily, I could see another path on google maps that followed the canal for maybe 10-15kms and joined us back up with our intended route further south. We were near Manchester airport about 12pm, 53km ridden and hadn't seen a tea house. I'd promised D a nice morning tea. Saw a couple of pubs but they didn't serve food until 12pm. At that point it was too early. We saw a Premier Inn near the airport (we've stayed in a couple of their hotels along the way), knowing they'd have food we stopped for a fish & chip lunch. Straight after lunch, D got first flat of the trip (were we jinxed by cyclist we'd talked to in the morning? His first question was how many flats on the trip!).

Flat fixed, it was a much quicker afternoon. Some on road and a really great off road trail. With only 5miles to ride the weather rolled in. We arrived wet. No matter, for the second night in a row, our accommodation had a leisure centre. We had a hot spa and a swim in the pool. Total riding today - 104km.

Thursday night was curry night at The Reginald Mitchell (pub) - perfect.

Yellow VW count (finally, haven't seen one since Edinburgh): D - 3 (that's right, 2 in one day), S - 1 (too busy navigating to notice), T - 1 (not a beetle, a Lupa. Not sure it counts)

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