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I 10 Tex Bridge wash out


Janice home

Karen, home

We are home!

I dropped off Janice and we unloaded all of her stuff including the sewing machine table. We decided, after watching the news, that we would try taking the I-10 home even though there would only be one lane of traffic each way going around the washed out bridge. Taking Wayne up on his suggestion to count all of the washes, ditches and bridges from Blythe to Indio, Janice and I embarked on a hilarious several miles. We sent Wayne a text for every bridge we crossed. I almost peed my pants, and almost had to pull over because we were laughing so hard when speech to text decided it did not like Janice's "ditch". It changed the "d" to a "b" just as Janice was hitting send. Wayne's "WHAT??" got us laughing so hard we were glad that we were able to pull into Chiriaco summit to use the facilities.

The following is his typed report to us by the time we arrived home.

Transcript of BRIDGE REPORT from Blythe to Indio on I-10, July 25, 2015

Bridge Number NAME

1 Colorado River

2 Tyson wash

3 Ranell ditch

4 Palo Walla ditch

5 Isora ditch

6 McCoy wash

7 Gale ditch

8 Calada ditch

9 Teed ditch

10 Walla ditch

11 Mud ditch

12 Arco ditch

13 Esso ditch

14 Beehive ditch

15 Acari ditch

16 Rubble ditch

17 Alta ditch

18 Sutro ditch

19 Tarantula ditch

20 Aztec ditch

21 Copa ditch

22 Oban ditch

23 Meta ditch

24 Palen ditch

25 Rollie ditch

26 Ghost ditch

27 Quartz ditch

28 Coxcomb ditch

29 Airport ditch

30 route 177 bridge

31 Larry ditch

32 Desert Center ditch

33 Tex ditch (the washout bridge)

34 Eagle Mountain Road under crossing

35 No-name wash

36 Wide ditch

37 Hillcock ditch

38 Adair ditch

39 Tarp ditch (Taro)

40 Bula ditch

41 Union ditch

42 No name number two ditch

43 No name number three bitch

44 No name number four ditch

45 No name number five bridge

46 No name number six bridge

47 No name bridge number seven

48 No name bridge number eight

49 No name bridge number nine

50 No name bridge number ten

51 Nameless 11

52 No name number 12

53 No name 13

54 No name 14

55 No name 15

56 And 16

57 And 17

58 And 18

59 And 19

60 And 20

61 21

62 22

63 23

64 24

65 25

66 26

67 27

68 28

69 East cactus wash

70 cactus wash

71 West cactus wash

72 29

73 30

74 31

75 32

76 33

77 34

78 35

Indio City Limits

Now, you might ask who cares? Well, probably no one, but it sure entertained us on the way home.

It is nice to be home, and I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight. Our journey has been enjoyable and has left us, again, amazed at how beautiful and vastly different our wonderful country is. It causes me to reflect on the awesome power our God is to have created such an awe inspiring landscape many miles over. Thank you for joining us this summer!

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