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Re-entry was hard. Getting Quo Vadis over the Sierras on I80 is always grueling; it's steep, narrow, truck-filled, fast paced and inevitably under repair. And then you end up in the crazy Sacramento Valley,104 degrees this trip, with even more road work underway and full of wild speedsters. Welcome to California. I yearned for the solitary backroads. When I finally arrived home, sweaty but intact, I was in a mild panic thinking I had just one day to do all the post-trip chores before a weekend commitment. Turns out, my time travel with Sacajawea and the pioneers had messed with my 21st century mind and I had lost a day along the way. Yay! Now I have two days and time to say farewell to you, my friends of the road. Thanks for traveling with Bird Woman and me and being part of my Corps of Discovery. Be brave!

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