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Matanuska Glacier

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Our days in Alaska are numbered! It is time to head to Canada or our trip back to the lower 48's. We left Seward this morning, heading northeast to Palmer, where we had thoughts of attending the Palmer State Fair. Upon arriving, it was raining quite hard and we decided to by-pass it. Palmer is the area in Alaska where the largest vegetables grow, and are exhibited at the fair. In 2000, a cabbage weighing 110 pounds, won the prize. Think of all the sauerkraut you would be forced to make! You could use some of those crocks you found in the Maine house cellar, Brett and Jeanne.

Driving east, we stopped at Matanuska Glacier, which is visible from the road, but there was a mile long trail in a boreal forest to view it closer. It was a nice walk with interpretive signs explaining much about the glacier. 18,000 years ago it extended down to Palmer. However, it has been relatively stable for the last 400 years. Matanuska Glacier heads in the Chugach Mountains and trends northwest 27 miles. The average width is 2 miles, and at the terminus it is 4 miles wide.

It rained off and off today, with the sun appearing occasionally, such as when we walked on the trail near the glacier. We kept driving until 8 PM on our way to Tok, where we stopped at a rest area, ate leftovers and now will "hit the sack". It is very remote here, with no cell, and no radio to listen to the news about the bad hurricane disasters in the south. We are getting nervous about the price of diesel fuel going out of control. It has been bad enough already! The highest we have paid is $2.94 per gallon in Teton National Park and that was for an environment friendly, concocted mixture containing vegetable oil . We wondered if the NPS required this mixture within the park.

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