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Butch and his flat tire

Yukon Territory

Yukon at sunset

Ed relaxing at Pine Lake Campground

Thursday, 1st September 2005

Not much of a story today. We traveled only 295 miles today, due to various delays. Just before noon, we stopped for fuel, at a nice family station, small store and restaurant. They had a TV on with CNN telling about the hurricane disasters. We decided to have lunch there, to watch some of it and to hear about fuel prices, and problems with the two gas pipe lines from refineries located in Louisiana. They had a wireless internet there, but for some reason, it would not pop up on the lap top. I did use theirs to send a quick note to you family folks, but couldn't get any of our email. I haven't read any for many days now. I wanted to let you know that we are thinking of cutting our trip short and not going to Washington and Oregon, due to the price of fuel and the spectre of fuel rationing as occurred in the early 70's. It has gone up almost daily, and did so in the hour that we were at that station. The owner had just received a fax about raising the price and went out to up it from $2.79 to $2.94 per gallon as we watched. Fortunately we had filled at the lower rate earlier.

Arriving in Tok, Alaska in mid morning, we continued east to the Canadian border. They sure didn't spend any time checking us! They didn't ask for our identification - just questioned us about our citizenship, did we have any tobacco and whether we had a firearm and did we do the paper work on it the way in. Must have been Ed's quick, honest answers and the fact that we don't fit any problem profile. The roads sure hadn't improved since we last drove over them - wow, what bumps! Our speed was very slow due to the road conditions. Dad/Ed had spoken to Butch about the sharp stones in the road where construction was going on, and shortly after, Butch radioed that he had a flat tire on the right rear of the truck. Not long after, in Haines Junction, we stopped so he could buy and install two new tires for the back wheels. The Pine Lake Campground in Yukon, Canada, where we stayed on the trip west, was just a short distance from there, so we stopped, cooked smoked sausage, baked beans and salad, ate outside in the chilly evening with a campfire burning. It was a nice evening to relax and chat by the warmth of the fire.

This morning, the temperature was 30 degrees and by 11:30 was only up to 38. It did warm up in the afternoon with the sun partially out. It was a beautiful ride with the trees turning yellow and some lower foliage reddish. The mountains are awesome and especially today with more snow on the tops. It is amazing to us how the views have changed since we drove thru almost a month ago. Fall has arrived in the Yukon Territory of Canada! We are very thankful for our camper heater at night!

We might be home sooner than we had expected. Dad/Ed is quite concerned about the potential for fuel problems and prices and the longer we take, the potential is very real that availability can get to be a real problem. In times like this it is not a good idea to be such a long way from home. M

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