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Friday, 2nd September 2005

44 years ago Dad/Ed and I were married! 44 Years!!!!! Yikes, that sounds like a long time ago! Actually, it doesn't SEEM as long ago as it sounds.

This is wild, wild country! And beautiful! We have been traveling all day in the Yukon and British Columbia, and for the last few hours have seen only a couple of houses belonging to the Tlingit band of Indians, a country store and gas station. We are traveling on a different route than when we drove west, a portion of it anyway. If you are looking at a map, we were on Route 1 in the Yukon, and have been heading south on Route 37 for a long time. It is about 7PM (Yukon time zone now), and I am typing on the computer in the truck. Myrna will be making dinner when we stop shortly at a British Columbia Park for the night.

We stopped in the Tlingit store for Butch to buy some soda and nibbles. A paint horse was standing on the small ramp going into the store, with his head just about at the open door. He didn't move, even when we walked up to him. Not tethered, just loose. The Tlingit woman in the store said people give him snacks like chips, etc. and he stays around while the store is open. I guess he just goes home after that. I went to the camper for baby carrots to feed him, after he licked the palm of my hand, obviously hoping that he would find something tasty. A handsome fellow with a great personality to match!

Countless rivers, creeks, and lakes have been viewed all day, with continuous mountains and forests. We have seen bald eagles, grouse, Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep ( 2 females), and a black bear that was loping for cover into the forest. An assortment of birds and ducks as well. We are surprised to see no moose or deer and have not seen any in British Columbia or the Yukon Terr. at all. Over hunted? Too much territory so they are not near the road? Most likely those animals near the roads are quickly harvested or poached. This country is so mountainous Dad/Ed doesn't see that many hunters would want to hunt or shoot a moose very far from the road - too difficult to get it out.

The decision has been made. We are heading home instead of going to Washington and Oregon. Dad/Ed is very concerned about the availability of fuel, due to the 6 oil refineries in Louisiana being shut down and the two fuel pipe lines from there also shut down. We are currently paying $4.45 per gallon here in Canada (it is priced by the liter). It is disappointing, as we looked forward to seeing those 2 states and possibly the northern portion of California. But we have had a wonderful trip and wouldn't want to have it ruined near the end by fuel lines, rationing, or tremendously high prices from price gouging that is undoubtedly happening. Hopefully, we will stay healthy and be able to make a trip to the northwest US and Vancouver Island sometime in the future.

When Dad/Ed called to cancel the refuge reunion, he was told that next year's reunion will be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. So we will be out your way to visit, Ginny and Larry.

Barry, sorry that Dad had to cut the conversation short today. We have no cell phone connection here in Canada, so he had to find a pay phone and call to cancel the reunion, using a phone card. He only had 2 minutes left on it when he called you to see what the fuel situation is in New England. Thanks for the anniversary greetings that are on our phone message, even though we haven't been able to receive them for a few days. Once we are back in the US, we will be able to call all of you, read some email at a full service campground, and maybe even buy newspapers. We tried our TV once on this trip, with no results. Myrna had hers on one morning and received ABC, Good Morning America. It was the day that Peter Jennings died, and we listened to it for a short time. We were all saddened to hear that as we watch ABC at home and feel as if you know the broadcasters. Other than that, the only other time we have seen a TV was at the little restaurant yesterday. We haven't even been able to find a radio station in the truck very often today. Just when we drove near a larger community once or twice. Can't say we have missed all this news at all. Goodnight, we should be at the park soon.

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