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Sunday, 4th September

Jasper National Park, in Alberta, Canada was our destination for the day, driving east on Rte. 16. We are in a park campground tonight, in the forest, close to the town of Jasper.

The recipients of this travel journal are probably tired of hearing how beautiful the country is here in Canada and in Alaska, but I really must say it again. British Columbia is beautiful!! The country changed today from all forested land to agriculture and cattle. We had seen very few cows in Alaska and the Yukon, but they sure have many here. It is horse country again with handsome specimens grazing in the pastures. And again, so many rivers, creeks and lakes!

The eastern portion of British Columbia in the mountains, is forested and Ed was surprised to see so many Western Red Cedar, especially such large ones.

Our animal count for the day is 1 bull moose, crossing the road, 24 deer (both White-tailed and Mule), and 1 black bear. We stopped to photo him. I looked at the short video Ed took of him, and I can see him turning around to look at us a few times. He ambled into the woods after munching on something on the ground.

Tomorrow we will journey around Jasper National Park. Good night all.

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