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I thought I might lose myself

Nobody told me there’d be music,

Sweet music….

So, I flew from Barcelona to Amsterdam to Hamburg, Germany so I could visit my friends Katrin and Keith. It was a quick visit but a fun one. The way my flights were scheduled this turned out to be a “stop-over’ so it was part of the price of admission and didn’t cost any extra. It would be silly for me to not get off the plane and go visit. Beside the fact that I hadn't seen my friends in about a year and I figured why not? Oh yeah, and Gov’t Mule was in town.

The weirdest “it’s a small world” moment I’ve had in a while occurred the first night in town. We all went out for dinner in their neighborhood to some Italian Restaurant. While the main course was being served, the pasta dishes that both Katrin & Keith had ordered were finished table side, and as the Owner/Waiter was mixing their pasta in an entire round or wheel of Parmigiano Cheese, I commented that I hadn’t seen that unique preparation since I lived in Toronto many, many years ago. All of sudden the Owner/Waiter says, in perfect English, “was it on Eglinton Street?” - huh? - “was the Chef Celestino?” - huh? - he was absolutely dead on! Turns out this guy used to live and work in Toronto, Canada and had done a stint at Celestino's Restaurant. It’s a small world!

The following evening found Katrin and I, headed off to Fabrik to see Gov’t Mule. The place was packed and insanely hot (middle of the summer and not even any ventilation let alone air-conditioning) and once the Mule kicked it off and we started dancing it only got hotter! So lots of sweating and lots of smiles. It was a great night.

I spent the next 24 hours or so just chilling with Keith and Katrin and then it was time to bid them farewell for now. You never know when I’ll pop up again though, after all, it’s a small world :-)



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