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Boldt Castle

One Island is in Canada, the Other in the USA - Love...

Statue of St. Lawrence.

Another View of Boldt Castle

Gorgeous. clean water

More beauty

Tom Thumb - smallest Thousand Island

Duffy slept through the game

We traveled to the Thousand Islands area of Upstate New York, where my parents spent many years as children and then as young adults falling in love. Another New York State Park (Fair Haven) was predictably beautiful, with our campsite on a bluff overlooking the St Lawrence River. Surprisingly, the river is remarkably clear and pristine. We watched seagoing vessels headed up and down the river right in front of our camp.

The only way to see the islands are up close was to take a cattle boat cruise around the area. We saw hundreds of turn of the century luxury homes, and current cabins on private islands. Mom had mentioned Boldt Castle, which is still available to be toured (we didn't) and in the process of being restored. The castle has a short, sad love story. Mr Boldt was building the castle for his wife, but when she died suddenly, abandoned it. Purchased by the Thousand Island Association, it is being restored (after 50 years of disrepair,) to the condition it was in when abandoned. As a tribute to the love story, it will NEVER be fully finished.

I understand why my parents love this area, and thought of them often as we toured the river and sat on its shoreline. We also drove down into the Finger Lakes region, and up into Port Bay, where my grandparents had a pretty little cabin with knotty pine walls, a boathouse, and a dock.

This portion of our adventure was trip down memory lane for me.

Wagon, ho!

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