We are still docked in Rotterdam today..

Check out the jogging track on the!

Another view..

They have a nice basketball court too..

Dance lessons too... :-)

Fresh pasta served at our table...

Jerry enjoyed singing tonight and did really great...

Last one.. a group song..

We are still docked in the beautiful city of Rotterdam. We saw the David Copperfield show today, he is a Scottish comedian, not the famous magician. He was hilarious, we enjoyed the show very much. Jerry also participated in the Karaoke show, he sang two songs and did a great job. Our dinner tonight was the BEST food yet, we had surf and turf with special pasta prepared next to our table and New York cheesecake for dessert. The food on this ship is amazing. I am adding more photos taken on the ship including the basketball court and more. It was another fun day at sea, check back later for more from our next stop in Normandy, France. Photos will be added later.

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