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Molly Malone statute

Scenery on the way to Wicklow

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Old Barracks

Dormatory at Glencree

Views from Glencree

Bridge from PS I Love You

Arthur Guinness house

Guinness lake

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Our bush walk

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Upper lake

Johnny Fox pub

Awesome pub

Today we are doing a Wicklow mountains tour. So we get up and source our drop off area - near Molly Malone statute - all good have about an hour before we depart so go and have some breaky close by. The only thing open was Starbucks (not a huge fan but it will do). They have toast for 2 euro and bring on a coffee and all good to go - however when I order the toast, she gets the bread out of the packet and asks if I would like it toasted!?! WTF - if I wanted bread I would have asked for bread - but I asked for toast - well at the point Dave started so I actually had to send him away to get a seat at this stage - as you all know what his comments were!!! So toast and coffee in hand we sit down - to find it has only been toasted on 1 side - bahahahaha - I had to laugh - I guess that is the Irish for you.

We go back to our meeting point and again find Aussies awaiting the tour also. They are everywhere over here. We climb on the bus and Dave and I get front seats - fantastic viewing point and picture opportunity spot. We then go to the main pick-up point where they bus fills up and they have to turn people away - so glad we were first pick-up. It takes about half hour to get out of Dublin due to the traffic (they are putting a light rail line in main Dublin which makes for traffic nightmare as many roads are either closed completely or down to one lane. Out of Dublin the countryside changes as we start to go through the mountains. Our first stop is Glencree for morning tea - this is an old army barricks which has been adopted into a reconcilation teenage camp. Many teenagers from war torn countries come here for a retreat where they can be kids and play sport, go hiking etc without the threat of war and killing. It is a great set up and fantastic idea - however currently not in use to due to the economic climate.

Continuing on down the road we stop at regular intervals for photo opportunity - the bridge from the film "PS I Love You" had many people off the bus taking their pic here. The scenery is amazing, rolling green fields full of purple heather, gullys, lakes topped off with a gorgeous day of blue sky and sunshine. It is breathtaking. We continue on to Arthur Guinness house - he had 21 children (only 10 made it into adulthood). What a beautiful spot this is along with the Guinness lake - life doesn't get much better than this. We stopped here for about half hour taking pics and getting a history lesson from the tour guide (he was about 85 and full of knowledge - he had also travelled a fair bit of the world and had even been to Perth recently).

We continue on to Laragh - this is where Paul McGuinness (the former manager of U2) lives. Apparently he throws party's regularly which last for a least a week - and quite often you see people like Bono, George Clooney and Julia Roberts residing at the local pub - Lynhams of Laragh. This village is really quite small but Paul's estate is massive and just to the north of the village. It would have been fab to see Bono walk down the main street - hehehehe. Just past here we stop and Glendalough. We have over 2 hours here and walk to the upper lake (approx 2km away). It is a gorgeous walk through some fantastic woodlands with such great weather today. Took about 5 million pics and arrive at the lake. I could live around here quite easily. We decide to take the boardwalk route back - which is not quite so pretty - so of course walked faster so we had time to squeeze in a quick pint before heading on. We found a quaint little pub and had a pint of Guinness - when in Ireland drink Guinness - apparently!!!

Back on the bus we are heading to Johnnie Fox's - the highest pub in Ireland - for a late lunch. We arrive here about 4ish - and the drive up here gives fantastic views over the Dublin harbour. The pub is awesome full of little nooks and old memorbillia. We had Irish Stew and Guinness - when in Ireland............ and it was delish of course. Some more photo opportunities before getting back on the bus. It was about 40 mins back to Dublin and they dropped us off at our hotel on the way back which was lovely. The tour guide pointed out where Bono lives on the hill, along with quite a few other famous names - apparently property sells on that hill for over 30 million euro - yep will buy one tomorrow!!

We went and had a shower before going for a walk - we needed to find what bus to catch in the morning to get us to Heuston Station - then off to have a light bite oh and found another pub (did I mention there are over 800 pubs in Dublin alone) - so guess what - we called in for a couple of pints of Guinness (when in Ireland...........) before retiring for the night.

Food rating

Irish stew - 7.8

Dave beer rating

Dave had not tried any new beers lately - just drinking Guinness - when in Ireland................

Interesting pub names

Sadly the Irish do not put a lot of effort into their pub names - so this section has been a bit light on - that will change when we get back to the UK.

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