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Sunrise at Mather Point, Day 2

Lots of people get up to enjoy a beautiful sunrise

A view of the Bright Angel Trail from the rim

Bright Angel Trail

Bright Angel Trail

First tunnel on the trail

One of the many warning signs

We passed some pack mules

David examines this wall

The mortar seems to be coming out

Another warning at the 3 mile mark

Looking up from down in the canyon


Scenes from the trail

This looks so high when you know you have to hike back...

Beautiful formations God

Pan of the rim from below

It was worth the pain

We went to Mather's Point while the millions of stars wire still shining. One other family was already there. We got our spot to view the sunrise and watched in awe the changes from a starlit sky to colors appearing in the canyon as the sun rose. Amazing God we have! As the sun rose above the East rim, you heard the clicking of hundreds of cameras. What a spectacular shot. Then we went and had a buffet continental breakfast to fuel up for our hike, the bright angel trail. We hiked three miles, what seemed like straight down. My knees started complaining after the first mile and a half but it was not far enough down. Looking at the people's red faces going up did not help. We made it to the three mile rest area and since we did not start hiking till noon, the ranger suggested we start up. You have to get a permit to go all the way down. Going up was not as bad as I feared it would be. We kind of felt like the tortoise and the hair. We took a few breaks and the young people would speed by but not long after we started hiking, we would pass them on their break. You guessed it, this old lady and her competitive spirit did not take a break as we neared the rim, nope, they were not to pass again. We treated ourselves to ice cream at the top and then took a shuttle to parts of the rim we had not viewed yet. Great day!

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