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Lower Antelope Canyon

77 Steps down into the slot canyon

In Awe

Beautiful colors


David and Sherry


David walking through

Microsoft Screen Saver

What words can describe?




Looks like alien eyes


Flying Woman


IIndian Chief





Our terrific guide, Julie

Entrance to Glen Canyon

Boat Ride in Antelope Canyon

Colorado River

We turned off to a canyon

Blind curve

Tall sides

Dam at Glen Canyon

Colorado River

Dam selfie, dam in background :)

Nice gas powered Golf Carts

Nice Ski Boats

Very Nice House Boats

Super nice Speed Boats

Look at the name :)

David takin a break at the Marina

LOTS of houseboats

VA needs to make these street legal, this is at Walmart

Scene from our campsite

Best $28 we have spent on this trip, outside of our National Park Pass. We were on 40 and headed East but some pictures we saw on Pat Mcmorrow's FB post and a book in a gift shop drew us north to see these Slot Canyons. They were beautiful beyond description. When you come out of the slit in the ground, there is no way of knowing the beauty that lays below the surface. The Indians did not commercialize these canyons on their land until 1980s because ithe elders felt it was so sacred. It is! Then we went on a boat tour in Lower Antelope Canyon at the Marina. I have never seen so much money in boats. Huge house boats with slides and jet ski docks on the back. I am sure these houseboats had formal living and dining rooms. They were BIG and lots of them. The speed boats, wow! Golf carts and off road vehicles are the norm here. Fancy ones!

We went on a boat ride to a canyon. Again beautiful. The walls got taller and the canyon got narrower as we went. Beautiful area Page, AZ. We also toured the Dam, it is only 16 feet shorter than the Hoover Dam. That is not too noticeable when something is over 700 feet tall.

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