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Sunset from our camp overlooking Lake Erie

Sunset silhouettes

Unmatched scenery at Whirlpool State Park, Niagara River

Disc golf on the lakeshore

Second tee

Sunsets are wild here!

Home sweet camp in Pennsylvania

Home sweet camp at the bunnyranch.

Feeding the bunnies at the bunnyranch in Virginia.

State park waypoint in the hills.

Beautiful state parks abound.

Lovely, wish we could have stayed!

Good place to spend a night.

We will simply have to visit here again!

Large Okefenokee gators.

Gator bait and I.

Flower of the swamp.

Entrance to a marvelous place.

It is starting to get chilly here in the Northeast, so these two fair weather RV nomads have decided to slog south toward Florida and warmer temperatures. We blasted through the Eastern seaboard, stopping for s night or two here and there.

Freezing temperatures can wreak havoc with a motorhome, because they are not designed for cold weather living. Holding tanks and water lines can quickly freeze and burst, causing massive headaches and expensive repairs. Those occurrences are NOT on our bucket list.

The plan had been to head southerly through Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky to catch the four midwestern states we have not yet visited, but we changed course, on a beeline toward Florida. We will have other trips where we can catch the midwest - after all, there are still MLB games and stadiums in Detroit, Cincinnati, and Cleveland to be seen!

We were headed down the eastern seaboard as a terrible storm approached, and got out of South Carolina ONE DAY before this massive storm dropped 24 inches of rain in one day, as we escaped down the interstate toward drier weather. pays to be aware of weather reports!!

I have posted photos of many of the state parks and private campgrounds we visited. Most were beautiful, but a couple stood out. One in the Shenandoah Valley (Virginia) was overrun with bunnies - and not just a few! We called this park the "Eastern Bunnyranch.

In Waycross, Georgia, we spent a few days in Laura S. Walker State Park in order to visit the famed Okefenokee Swamp. It definitely lived up to its name, with massive gators and a muddy, barren landscape. The park had beautiful boardwalks to keep one's feet out of the mud (and away from the critters,) but we were warned to carry Duffy instead of having him on the leash, as apparently, little dogs are an alligator's favorite meal. I had fun while there, because people would walk up to pet him and ask his name - I responded "GatorBait." Loved the look on their faces!

We backtracked and stayed in a couple of places we had enjoyed on our way through in 2014, and ended up finally, in Florida, where we spent a relaxing week at Rock Crusher RV Resort near Tampa, which had been recommended by a couple we met in Georgia. It was a lovely spot with nice folks and a beautiful screened-in pool, but the location was rather far away from any saltwater sites - no fishing or birding in the area, so we took the advice of another couple we had met in the pool, and headed toward the Atlantic side of Florida.

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