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We were up about our usual time of 8:00 a.m. This morning. We got ready ad repacked the one case we had opened, then checked out of the hotel and wended our way to the north terminal of Gatwick airport. We checked in at the Icelandair desk and went through security. Christine needed to make a duty free purchase so I guarded the bags while she did so. We then settled into the lounge that Icelandair provides and had our breakfast.

I did some work on the newsletter and Christine read. We had a snack then went to board the airplane. It was on time and we were soon airborne. We had a good flight to Keflavik in Iceland. It was cloudy and windy when we landed and we had to get off by steps to buses. S I put my head out the door, a gust of wind took my hat off. Fortunately a nearby airport worker rescued it and returned it to me at the bottom of the stairs.

Once inside the building we found the gate we were leaving from and had a short wait till the gate was opened and we boarded. It left just a little late and we had another comfortable flight, though the long day was telling on us and Christine could not keep her legs still.

We arrived in Edmonton and got the luggage. Fiona and Irellan were waiting for us and brought us home. I unpacked and Christine did a few things. We had something to eat then went tto bed.

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