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Last lunch!

Polar Ice Cap -- water a result if global warming!

Edmonton hanger!

Grand daughters airport welcome banner 1/2

2/2 banner-- Such fun!!!


Canadian crisp air and blue skies welcomed us in Edmonton as the sun set. It was a seamless flight home from Iceland, over the polar icecap, northern Quebec, and onto Toronto for customs. Unlike India sending us to a new city for immigration (I may not have written that piece up) Toronto had two officials meet us at the hanger. Never was my entry back home so much fun. No line up, pay my duty, back in the aircraft for Edmonton with a new crew! I missed Captain Rob and Ken at the landing. Could they land a plane! I felt like Ariel ending a magic carpet ride.

Thank you following this amazing adventure with me. It's been fun thinking readers may have seen a picture or read a comment that caught your imagination. I must conclude saying Around the World in 80 Days may be more paced than 24 days... as I look for balloon flights to carry me off in the future :-) ?

Perhaps listening to dad, who talked me out of Ward Air in 1973 was... a good respectful daughter... and did not heed my yearning to explore civilizations around the home? I feel so blessed now to enjoy those wonders in my sixties! This trip has been over the top for me.

Returning to my loving family and friends remains what counts in life. We journey roads beside one another. Sharing laughter, tears, successes and stories. Our lives. That is the tapestry we share together. I may edit the odd entry before I close the site off. Thanks so much to Lorraine and Larry for introducing me to this travel log! I've had fun doing it and look forward to reading it in evyears yo come. When memories fade.

Over and home for now... processing this trip may take a lifetime.


PS. The world is full of amazing history, artifacts, and PEOPLE. If only warring nations would look in children's eyes and focus on helping mothers/father's feed and educate their children. A fundamental human right!

The money in war budgets IS enough to fix the worlds poverty rather than bomb one another. Where bigger, better, best could be replaced by agreements to settle differences! Goodness exists around the world. Governments have made a mess of things globally, for the most part. To me it seems benevolent dictators with a thirty year run, provided vision, homes, clean water for their people! We need a way to make democracy work in the 21 st century. Not models from Athens, for city states out grown eons ago!

Two lengthy conversations with Muslim men, one in Egypt, the other in Morocco renewed my faith in the good people do in horrid situations. Yes change is slow, may seem useless given the mass of dirt and poverty in so many places. Our common humanity...helping one person at a time, doing what we can IS the difference needed. To the starfish given a 2nd chance, thrown back to the sea, it is life giving. All we or I can do is care along our paths. Take time one person at a time. That I know. Saw. Experienced.

Hope matters. Dreams matter. Acceptance of what we/I can change or not is the wisdom I must remind myself daily. I will not be swept up by terrorists fear mongrelling. We must keep the faith we choose to follow, to serve others, put others first, walk for a time in another's shoes. If only a few steps.

Thank you for reading. It IS a wonderful world. The song sings in my heart with memories of strangers smiles or a kindness that touched me deeply. Over and over and over. I am different for their caring. I am grateful not to have been born where millions exist today...but for the chance of my birthplace. Wow.

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