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Entry to the Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Peak

Diamond Peak

Emerald Lake

Lake Helen

The road coming and going through the park #1

The road coming and going through the park #2

Sign at the Sulfur Works

Mud pot at the Sulfur Works

Boiling mud at the Sulfur Works

for Bridget - she loves to chase these guys

Our next stop in California was the Lassen Volcanic National Park. Took another scenic drive, which gives you a great overview of the park. Saw the steaming fumarole, which puts me in mind of the geysers, etc. in Yellowstone. Viewed Lassen Peak from the highest point on the park road at 8,512 feet. That road was something else. It put me in mind of the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier. I’d just as soon not be reminded of that. I take those roads with my eyes closed. Good thing I’m not driving!!!! It was an interesting place with a lot of large boulders that appeared to be tossed in a pile and left there. I guess that’s the power of a volcano for you.

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