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Giant Sequoia in King's Canyon National Park

Looking through the trunk of a downed Sequoia

Barb at the end of the hole in the trunk of the...

About the General Grant Tree

The Grant Tree

Base of the Grant Tree #1

Base of the Grant Tree #2

Two Giant Sequoias in Grant Grove

This is where I learned the difference between a Redwood and a giant Sequoia. I always thought they were the same thing, but I was wrong (so, what else is new?) Redwoods, like those we saw in Redwood National and State Parks, are the world's tallest trees and have slender trunks that are dull, chocolate brown in color. The giant Sequoias we saw here in King’s Canyon National park are the largest trees in the world in volume. They have immense trunks with very slight taper and their trunks are bright reddish brown. At King’s Canyon, we visited Grant Grove which is the home of many giant Sequoias, including the Grant Tree, which is the second largest tree in the world. These trees were really BIG. We were lucky we got to see them due to a huge fire that had been burning since July. For a while, they had to evacuate part of King’s Canyon, including the Grant Grove area and there was some concern the trees would be enveloped by the fire. Fortunately, the fire was contained, and although it was still burning when we were there, the danger to the Sequoias had passed.

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