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Our apologies for the silence. Ever since Dec 6th we have either been exhausted after a long day - or without wifi. On this date, we were picked up bright and early and transported via bus to the Abel Tasmin National Park. Then - onto the boat for our journey up along the coast and to our drop off point. Yes - they essentially dropped us off and said "walk back". Actually we had signed up for this adventure. Soon after the drop off, we began hiking along the ridges of rain forest that meets the Tasmin Sea - which included some very steep "hills". Along the way we saw a variety of vegetation - including many different varieties of lichen/moss, a mushroom the size of your head, and enjoyed the multiple bird songs - accompanied by our guide and informative commentary. One thing we noticed - and liked - was that there are covered "kitchen" areas and toilets for the backpackers about every 5 km or so. We passed a lot of groups coming into the Forest for 3-7 day hikes and camping. After our 4 hour hike (10 km/6.2 miles), we settled into the Lodge (which, by the way, was much more luxurious than we could have ever imagined) and treated to some nibbles and dinner. We had fun meeting and talking with fellow hikers from Australia, England and New Zealand. Al was very "on" that night and kept everyone in stitches. (Especially an Aussie named Paul).

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