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We departed the hotel at 7:30 and the temperature was already well into the 90s. First visit was to Ta Prohm Temple which has been left largely in it's natural state with many trees and vines growing on and around the temple and its walls. Next was the Banyon Temple, part of the Angkor Thom complex. Then it was on to a modest multi course Cambodian lunch. After lunch we visited the Land Mine Museum which documents the search for the millions of unexploded bombs and land mines left in Cambodia from the decades of wars which didn't end in this country until 1999. To end the day we visited the Banteasy Srey Temple which had beautiful, very intricate stone carvings.

Siem Reap has grown to a city of about 200,000 from about 6,000 only 20 years ago. This is all due to about 3 million foreign tourists who visit every year since the temples have been opened up after the civil war ended.

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