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Ox Cart Ride

Wat Kompong Trolach Temple

Spirit House

Wat Kompong Trolach Temple

Today began with a visit to Wat Kompong Trolach Temple by ox cart. Each of us had our pwn cart and team of oxen so we created quite a parade heading down the road. On the way we passed two wedding parties which were underway in large tents set up at the side of the road. The temple is one of the living Buddist temples as it houses 7 monks who study, meditate and service the village spiritual needs. We had a few problems as we headed down the river a we got tangled in three different fishing nets. There are nets strung all over the river with very little to mark their location so boats routinely seem to get fouled in the nets.

On arrival at Phnom Penh we has a lecture from a French expert on Khmer culture and Cambodian history. Then we set out on a tuk tuk for a quick tour of the city. Phnom Penh has about 3 million people and it seems everyone of them has a scooter, motorcycle or car. It was absolutely the craziest traffic and driving we have ever seem. Lanes are non-existent and people are driving right toward you on the wrong side of the road. There are almost no traffic signals so intersections look like complete confusion but somehow seem to function. Definitely not the place to rent a vehicle.

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