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One thing. I have learned in my old age...i can get a lot of mileage out of just camping at the beach ...or in any one place for that matter ...goes a looong way with the girlies. And with pops, for that matter. I may be old but my work is poor.

The girlies can dig in the sand til the cows come home. The water in koh samui was clean, maybe not totally clear, but very enjoyable. The girls got to do some comedic kayaking routines and were tireless trying to pounce on any unsuspecting crab. Would do that again anytime. As far as they are concerned, the whole rest of the trip we could have just spent there. Curious to see the Russians have landed there. Wouldn't have pucked it for borscht and vodka set, but what do i know?

The rest of the trip is not so restful. Back to the jlay breakneck pace of tours, this time with a group of shipmates who refuse to pay ship tour prices and are bootlegging tours ashore. Sak made me an xl spreadsheet to try and manage it. If it all goes south they have no one to blame but meeeee.

The first of our tours took on two other couples, one Brit and one Canadian. We conspire on the Cruise Critic website as to what the tours are and who is interested in what. You beat the bushes on what there are for tours and tour guides. These vary from Viator to Toursbylocals and the like, it that is not important right now.

So they first one was Jean with tours by locals. She was able to get us smoothly into so many venues we wouldn't have been able to conceive let alone execute, for 1/2 to 1/3 the price of a ship tour. The first was the palace. In yet another chingie accidental brush with fame and notoriety, in somewhat of a crush of humanity, heat and police and traffic, the Crown Prince drove by in MErcedes and finery, what are the odds? Recall seeing Obama at Arlington on Memorial Day 2014 and the Prince of Monaco motorcade last Spring?!

Anyway, we got in to see the Jade Buddha, which was actually remarkably small, but how many life size pieces of jade are there in the world anyway, especially from the 1700s? And in the larger than life category, see reclining Buddha body parts...

More Buddhas and temples than you can shake a stick at, however nothing compared to Myanmar. Shiny, sparkly temples with a lot of Chinese influence. ANd Chinese tourists. ANd selfie sticks. But not as bad as Europe. Are you gonna take a picture or just look at your camera?!

Bangkok was never very high on my bucket list, but am happy to report, it exceeded expectations...turns out there are canals off of the Bangkok River much like Venice but Southeast Asia, and a lot lower priced waterfront, or perhaps waterlogged, real estate. This was a nice surprise.

The girlies survived such as the travel ninjas they are. It was hot sweaty work, but they prevailed. I am impressed... but I may not try any other travel tricks with them. At least until Monday.

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