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Near Santa Luzia and a $5E taxi ride from Tavira to Barrie...

From the taxi I head this way to the beach train.

The train is just across this suspension bridge.

For $2.40E the 'small train' takes you the rest of the way...

Or take this scenic path about 1/2 mile to the beach.

The anchor graveyard where the fishermen used to pull their boats.

Sandy beach in both directions.

It was such a nice day I could have worn shorts and...

From the beach (past the swaying bridge) there is a nice walk...

Santa Luzia is so clean, nicely painted and quiet it doesn't seem...

For my last day in Tavira I decided to take a taxi the 2K to Santa Luzia fishing village and just past it to Barrill Island. It is in some way connected through mud flats to Ilha Tavira that I visited several days ago and has similarly beautiful wide and long stretches of sandy beach. I came prepared with sardines, bread and cheese and a small bottle of port. Although the beach resort restaurants were open. Since it is winter a lot of things are closed and I wasn’t sure what I would find. Instead of taking a ferry like I did to Ilha Tavira there was a short walk and crossing of a swinging bridge to a small train that for a couple of euros took me directly to the beach. After a nice day on the beach I walked into Santa Luzia town.

Anyone reading this journal with the intent to visit the area here is what you should do. Rent a bike from Tavira. It is mostly flat doesn't seem like a very busy road and most of the way there are special bike lanes. I saw many people biking and wish I had known to do this too.

An interesting incident: On the nearly deserted beach (there were only a few people way off at either end) a ways from me there was a grey haired women relaxing like me in the sand reading or just enjoying the beach. Then in a moment I see out of the corner of my eye a nearly white flash as the women has taken all her clothes off and was running into the cold Atlantic. What bravery. I was wondering if it was her daily routine or her only chance to dip into the Atlantic. After a few minutes she was out again, dressed and relaxing on the beach as before. I wanted to applaud her daring and 'seizing the moment' but expected she might be hoping no one noticed.

I arrived in Santa Luzia about 4:00pm and couldn't find a seafood restaurant open. To late or too early or I didn't know where to look. I saw many restaurants but they were all closed up, for the season possibly. And there were no taxis around. I had to ask at a shop for them to call a taxi for me.

Note: Portuguese canned sardines are in cans that look just like the sardines I buy in the states, but they are different. For example in the tin I had today there were only two very large sardines in the can. I don’t think they are as fishy tasting either.

Tomorrow I have a very early departure from Tavira to catch the train to Faro and on to Lisbon for a couple of nights before my flight back to the states. There are only two trains. One at 7:45 am and one at 12:45 pm, and takes 3 1/2 hours. I thought I might like to do more sightseeing in Lisbon since the weather is nicer now than when I arrived.

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