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The Salton Sea - North End

The Smelly Source!!

The Water Fowl!!

We planned on staying at the Salton Sea for a full week...but the horrible smell drove us out! The Sea is slowing dying because more evaporation happens from the Sea than fresh water entering. The major reason is the severe drought that California has been experiencing for quite a few years.

The only fish that can live in the salty water is the Tilapia; all other freshwater fish have died off. But, as the water recedes, the Tilapia are also dying...the smell is overwhelming...much like a vault or pit toilet!

One of the cool things about the place were all the waterfowl that migrate here. This pic shows the Great White Heron and the Great White Pelican. Both birds are hard to find in nature. Watching these giants was amazing!

We left the RV park after two nights and came into 29 Palms early. Actually, we are glad we did; there is soooo much to do here that we are glad for the extra time.

More later on Joshua Tree National Park!

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