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Aren't the ostrich so awkward-looking sometimes?? I do love them, though!

Those are elephants... Waaaay off in the distance!!

The Cango Caves

The size of some of the crevaces I had to squish through...

Inside the caves

Its almost like these limestone rock formations could be artwork!

The lemurs are crazy!!

Playing with the baby cheetahs

Cheetah love!!

What an adorable face!

A cute little meerkat!

Hiking up at Mosselbaai

When Garry said there was 150% chance of us seeing ostrich on this trip, he wasn't kidding!! He forgot to include elephants, meerkats, cheetahs, giraffes, .... ;)

The ostrich in this region are awesome. On the drive to Oudtshoorn we saw SO many, which were giant and beautiful. Some of the male ostrich that have never had their feathers plucked are simply majestic! These creatures are not as friendly as I expected, but still fun to watch (especially when they run!) & extremely soft to touch. Those feathers are incredible - they make most amazing feather-dusters! (Just like Candice bought for Ryan!)

On Monday, on the drive out to the Cango Caves, we saw 3 elephants grazing in the distance! Even Garry was surprised to see them! We stopped to scream out 'helloooooooo' but I think they were too far away to hear me. Even from a distance, they were huge!!!

The Cango Caves were incredible!!! A South African national landmark, these caves have been known to man since the early stone age. They are South Africa's oldest tourist attraction. While Andy & Garry did the 'Heritage Tour', I did the 'Adventure Tour' which required a lot of cardio, climbing, slipping, sliding, squeezing in between tight crevaces... At the end of the 2-hour trek, I was exhausted and very sweaty! But it was so fun and worth the extra energy. I had a wonderful guide (Crystal) who recognized all the VSX gear I was wearing and was fascinated that I used to work at Victoria's Secret! (I think we talked more about VS than the caves!! Lol!)

After the caves, we went to the Cango Wildlife Ranch where we did a giant tour of the amazing facilities (leopards, lions, cervals, crocodiles, bats, meerkats, tortoises, lemurs, porcupines, snakes....) followed by some one-on-one time with the baby cheetahs!!! (Shocker: I cried!!) They were very rambunctious and feisty but adorable and not as soft as I thought they'd be?! Their hair was quite coarse. The lemurs were also funny - crazy energy and very hyper. The photo attached is not my favourite but gives a good idea of how quickly they jump around! I had no idea they were so fast!!

We also spent a day out at Mosselbaai, a cute little town on the ocean. It gets 320 days of sunshine per year and is very touristy - almost reminded us of White Rock but much warmer & prettier. We hiked up to the Cape St. Blaize Lighthouse and enjoyed the gorgeous views. If you can believe it, Andy (the 'celebrity') AGAIN got mistaken as Vin Diesel by a group of ladies blowing him kisses.

In going out for dinners with new friends, we've had many chats - even about ice-hockey! One of the ladies we met (Jill) has 'go to see a live ice-hockey game' on her bucket list. How cute!! (She's seen lots of safaris/animals so we have opposite lists!! Ha ha) We've also shared many discussions about all the economic differences between Africa and home, and even heard some super-scary stories about home invasions and differences in day-to-day living. At one point, Kathy (visiting from Zimbabwe) was telling me how difficult it can be at home; how corrupt some people are, how expensive it is, how simple they have to live, some of the horrifying things she's been through in her life ... And after hearing it all I asked her "why do you stay?? Why can't you leave?" And she replied "Because it's my home."


We forget how fortunate we are sometimes.

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