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Yes, PE has always been known as the Windy City and it has certainly lived up to its reputation over the past week. Weather hasn't been great, though not cold, just terribly windy and received some much needed rain. The city is particularly dry and a bit of a dust bowl at present, so the locals have enjoyed the storms. I must admit, it has not slowed us down much as we have gallivanted around this city.

My personal guide took me on a fun afternoon game spotting in the Kragga Kamma Game Reserve. I enjoyed being able to see the game relatively close up as it is one of the smaller Reserves. We saw a Giraffe with its baby (hmmh, I wonder what a baby giraffe is called), a hippo with it's baby and many baby warthogs (my favourites) ( still in granny training mode - learning to 'ooh and ahh' over baby Stack one day plus learning new descriptions for 'cute as' - every time Baby Stack does something cute I shall exclaim - oh isn't he such a little warthog!) we saw a pride of Cheetahs and many Buck, a great afternoon and made me even more excited about our visit to Etosha next month.

We had an excellent steak dinner at the Stage Door one night (Mum and Dad used to take us there on a Sunday night and I used to go to this pub/restaurant often as a teenager). It has not changed at all, still sawdust on the floors, steaks may be a little smaller but the Dom Pedro sitting in the old fashioned booths in the bar after dinner were just as good as I remember them.

We spent a morning on the PE beachfront which is the best part of town, it really is pretty, interesting, beautiful beaches and the Board Walk was most impressive. Nadine, you and James must have enjoyed spending a couple of nights staying at the Boardwalk Hotel, it looked lovely.

My personal guide took me along Seaview Drive, a rugged and beautiful coastline and my guide also always manages to find the best spot for an interesting and light lunch (mind you Ellen, I do need to get back on the bike at Bobbo as my girth begins to expand following too much good African tucker, extremely palatable South African wine and way too many beers.)

When my resident personal guide takes a break, my 2nd personal guide, Bestie Lynn takes over and she shows me a different side of PE which includes fancy afternoon teas, icecreams and non stop chatter.

Funny little things have amused me in PE, it is certainly more sophisticated and grown up since I was here last, and then suddenly you come across something cute and most unsophisticated for example, 'an icecream boy' ie. A man in a red uniform on a bicycle with an icebox filled with icecreams for sale on the front, plus a bell which he rings incessantly even when he's lying on the grass having a doze. Some things never change (would be interesting to see him peddle up and down Bobbo keeping the cyclists refreshed ha ha).

We had a a great family braai one evening around Wendy and Alan's Jacuzzi with venison boerewors, yum, and another evening we went to The Sailing Club for the best fish and chips, whilst watching the sunset over the harbour.

We enjoyed a fun morning watching Emma win all her races at her school swimming carnival (good granny training and it brought back memories of time spent at Nadine and Evan's swim carnivals - feels like just the other day).

I enjoyed spending time in Lynn's class room as her Aussie personal assistant, not real sure what the kids thought of the new addition to their class but they knew all about me and asked heaps of questions.

We had perfect weather for the first time on Friday and were finally able to enjoy a day on the beach with Emma and Haley, it was fun and as the military have been in town all week, were entertained with Fighter Jets overhead, boats landing on the beach with troops, in between school kids from one of the local township schools stripping down to their underwear for a frolic in the ocean.

After an afternoon at the Casino, (where we didn't make our fortune) we met Jenny (Simmonds) at the pub last night, lovely to chat to her and catch up on all her family news. Returned home to Wendy's particularly yummy potjie dinner as the rain and wind howled outside. Hoping for better weather tomorrow.

I'm enjoying a good break from hectic Sydney, living in P E is a completely different way of life, just chilling out and being extremely well looked after, reconnecting with family and friends.

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