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Hi! My name is Shorty! I am 1-year and 1-month old. I...

Sobbing uncontrollably, hugging a giraffe. ❤️❤️

Now a little calmer, talking to Shorty.

Me and Shorty :)

Shorty following us around (Andy wasn't as emotional as I was -...

C'mon Shorty!! The ostriches are this way!

Ohhh the ostrich!! (Overshadowed by the giraffe, but still a great reason...

Checking out the ostrich eggs while Shorty stops for a drink

Ohhhhh a baby ostrich!! So cute!

I can never tell whether or not to trust them, or run...

And this is Priscilla!

I don't think Garry expected the reaction/emotion/outcome of today's events...

We decided to do a drive through the Swartberg Mountains over the Swartberg Pass to eventually end up in Prince Albert for lunch. But first, Garry had a small surprise for us. We stopped in at the Chandelier Private Game Reserve. As we were driving in, all the signs indicated we were pulling up to an ostrich farm!! Awesome!! I was going to finally get close and personal with them!! We parked, started walking into the reserve and I turned the corner and froze. Then I started to cry uncontrollably - in front of me in a fenced off area stood a baby giraffe!!!!! I was afraid that my crying and self-muffled shrieking would scare him so I quickly started to retract my steps to calm down but I couldn't calm down!!!! I slowly approached him & started to talk to him and tried to calmly whisper so I wouldn't scare him but he didn't seem at all afraid of me. He came right up to me and was batting his gorgeous eyes at me as if to say "lady, what's wrong with you? why are you crying?" Garry and Andy had already left me to go check in at the reception desk and there I stood talking to the beautiful baby giraffe. A few moments later they returned with Mark, the owner, and as he intoduced himself to me and started explaining all about the giraffe, all I could do was apologize for my crying!! Mark laughed and explained that Shorty, the 1yr & 1month old giraffe, was abandoned by his mother at 2 days old, and therefore came to the reserve or he would have died in the wild. As Mark is telling us everything about Shorty, he proceeds to open up the enclosure and Shorty starts walking right to me!!!! RIGHT TO MEEEE!!!!!! Mark tells me I can go ahead and hug him - or even kiss him - and now I'm BAWLING WHILE HUGGING A GIRAFFE (the photo is TERRIBLE so don't look at my crying face!! Lol!!) but yes I hugged him and I even KISSED him (just like you told me to do, Anita!!) and for the next few hours we spent at the reserve, Mark said he would be occupied with other guests so Shorty was all ours. I couldn't stop shaking - this giraffe was a dream-come-true. He followed us around (he was free to roam anywhere he wanted to!) and we went to visit the ostriches together and the giant pot bellied pig and Shorty came along with us everywhere!! I even got to watch him DRINKING WATER!!! (I said that I needed to see a giraffe drinking water just ONCE in my life and there it was!!). Ahhhhhhh. Eventually it was time to say farewell to him and continue on our journey. He was such a sweetheart of an animal, and I know for a fact I will never ever get that close to a giraffe ever again. When I got back to the house that night, I texted TMB some photos, and Tom said I can bring Shorty home and he will let the giraffe live in his yard. I have it in writing. (Wait, is this Tom's way of making sure I'm coming back to work?!?? Ha ha).

Eventually we got back on the road to continue our drive but I was emotionally drained!!

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