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Thursday, 8th Sept.

I am ready to be home! We have been driving all day and I "want to getty out"! We are in eastern South Dakota, 7 PM, cow corn growing on both sides of the road, country music on the radio. We will be in Minnesota before long. It is 8 PM at home when the NFL opening kickoff 2005 concert show has begun. I tried the radio, but it isn't on, but we are hoping that the game itself will be. I suggested to Dad/Ed that we stop at a motel for the night, to watch the Patriots play their first game, but of course he said, "No way!" I really was only kidding and besides we have to have electricity for the refer to keep the salmon frozen!

We drove from states (Montana &Wyoming) where there were hundreds of antelope, deer, cows, and horses yesterday, to prairie dog towns, deer, badgers, cows and horses today. It is much greener here where crops of milo, safflower, soy beans, corn and hay are growing. We just past a wetlands area where several American egrets were fishing and a flock of geese flew over.

Suggestions for a girl puppy name! Dad/Ed wants a one syllable name, easy to use for training, and not a name that begins with a vowel.

Not much news so goodnight. M

PS. 9:00 PM now. Camping in Adrian, Minnesota, just off the highway. I made a good quick supper and "lo and behold", Dad/Ed hooked the TV cable up to the camper roof antenna and the TV is working and really clear. We have the 2nd half of the Patriot football game on. No wireless internet at this municipality operated campground. But TV - wow! Night again. M

Go Patriots! And good luck in your football game on Sat., Brett and Tye.

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