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Saturday, 10th Sept.

New York State at 1:45 PM, near Buffalo. Dad/Ed thinks we'll be home tonight but it's still a long way. We are traveling on Rte. 90 as a change from our westerly journey. It's north of Rte. 80, close to Lake Erie here in NY. It is amazing how many vineyards are here! The grapes grow well with the atmospheric effects from Lake Erie.

Some of my impressions:

It was pleasant coming into the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin, due to the change in landscape. So much greener! Being on the highway, we are not driving thru the cities, so are still seeing farms with mile

after mile of corn and soy beans growing. The farm houses, along with the various outbuildings, including a large barn, look much more "homey" to me than the ranches out west. Perhaps it is the variety of deciduous trees, the green lawns surrounding the house, or the often time white paint on the houses with the red painted barns. We both like the green underbrush that occurs in the forests of Alaska and Canada, and the mosses and low alpine plants. Dad/Ed especially notices the grass growing among the trees in the north, as it provides such good feed for browsing mammals.

Illinois also has many farms along the highway, but unfortunately the highway takes you too close to Chicago. We just are not accustomed to so much traffic! To make it worse, we hit that Chicago area at commuting time!

Tolls! It is not only irritating to hand out so much money to the state highway departments, it slows up the traffic terribly. We hit the first toll in Illinois and they have continued since then. Fortunately the New York thruway has the tolls at further distances apart.

Campers: People surely are on the move! And they do so in very large motor homes! It seems as though many travelers must have sold their homes to be able to afford these "homes on the road". Many are shiny new, bus size, with all the conveniences! They often tow a vehicle as well, so they can ride around in a car while parked in a campground. The motor home that the people from California are living in cost in the vicinity of $400,000!

Retired couples: So many retired couples are seeing the country in style, but there are many who enjoy their truck campers or small trailers as well. We saw that,

especially in Alaska with the residents there. The comfort must be wonderful in the motor homes, but we can get around so much easier, park anywhere a truck fits, and are still able to tow a boat and trailer easily. We love our Lance brand of camper and have had no trouble with it (well, this refrigerator problem is the first). It is indeed crowded inside if 2 people are moving around at the same time, but we have learned that when I cook, Ed is outside or sitting at the table. The queen bed is roomy and comfortable. Having conveniences like the microwave and TV come in handy at times, but we most often have camped in campgrounds with no electricity. The solution to that would be to buy a small generator as many campers have. We could use more storage, but that's nothing new. And the crew cab truck has helped with that this trip.

Camping people: What nice people we have found! It seems as though campers of all ages are friendly and trustworthy.

Homeward bound: We could never be "full time RV'ers". This has been our longest trip ever, and we did not spend any time thinking about home or worrying about the house. But now that we are headed to New Hampshire, it seems comforting to look forward to seeing friends, family, our pets and our home. Darn if we haven't already started making chore lists in our mind. At the moment we only have 2 pets, Rhu, the black lab and Holly Kitty, our shy, indoor cat, who no one has seen in the house since we left. She eats and uses her litter box so we know she is there! We had to euthanize 2 labs this summer - Devon, age 16 and Cadi, age 14. However, on Monday, we will be picking up the 2 French Brittanys at Manchester Airport.

Bye for now.

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