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Mt. Charleston out our front window

Caves at Shoshone Junction

Flat George found the most important room at the caves

Cave garage

Pupfish in Ash Meadows spring

Crayfish in Ash Meadows spring

Desert flowers

Desert flowers

Desert flowers

Desert flowers

Mountain Falls golf course

Mountain Falls golf course - Mt. Charleston

Mountain Falls golf course

We arrived in Pahrump at another of our favorite places. Wine Ridge is a great resort on the outskirts of Pahrump on the edge of the desert. It is truly a resort with all the amenities. There are two pools (at least one of which is heated), a hot tub, two fire pits (one by each pool) pickle ball courts, an RV wash, laundry, nice bathhouse, lending library, free waffle breakfast Monday - Friday and other fun activities. For those who want more than Pahrump has to offer, we are only an hour from Las Vegas.

There are different activities and special events every day. We arrived on Thursday and the special of the day was a 'baked potato night'. Bring your favorite beverage, come to the community center and you can purchase a baked potato to top as you wish for only $2.00. They were great!! After dinner we spent a little while in the hot tub. It was great. We met some very nice folks. One couple was from Reno, NV. As we were walking back home, Tim was talking to Don. I don't know exactly how the conversation came up, but Tim found out that Don was born and raised in Hawthorne, NV. Hawthorne is a small bump in the road where the Army has an Ammunition Depot and not much else. Funny thing is, Tim and his family lived there for about 1-1/2 years in the 1950's (his dad's job took them there). He was in the first grade. He and Don went to the same elementary school! What a small world!!

On Friday Tim got into a poker tourney. He just loves them and they keep him entertained for a while. The weather turned on us in the evening and we had a pretty strong rain storm. I didn't think it rained in the desert. While we had strong winds and rain, the mountains (Mt. Charleston) right out our front were covered with storm clouds. When we got up the next morning, the entire range was covered in snow from about 5000' and up. It was beautiful!!

On Saturday we were going to visit the north end of Death Valley and Scotty's Castle. During a conversation we found out that Scotty's Castle had been flooded and was closed. I checked online and found that it was closed indefinitely. Sad face. We decided to check out another interesting area about 25 miles from Pahrump. There is a little old mining town, Shoshone Junction. We had passed through there 2 years ago, but never stopped. There is a small museum that is quite interesting. The area was once a mining town and the museum had many interesting artifacts from that era. Also, across the road there were some caves that were carved into the hillsides. Some of the early miners lived in them. Quite unusual.

Not too far from there is the Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge in Amargosa Valley. It is a most unusual wetland region with springs (warm - 89 degrees), small reservoirs and streams at the lower end of Amargosa Valley. There is a small isolated section of the park, Devils Hole, which is a flooded cave entrance which provides the only remaining habitat for an endangered species of pupfish. This is the only place these species can be found. The meadows are protected as a national wildlife refuge principally for the many types of birds found there, but they also support fish, lizards and various mammals, and provide the sole US habitat for no fewer than 24 species. It is really a worthwhile visit.

When we got back, the couple we met in Bullhead City, Mike and Donna, had made their way to Wine Ridge and were parked right next to us. Very exciting!

On Sunday the guys got into another Texas Hold'em tourney. That evening we were all going out to dinner. Tim had checked Trip Advisor for places around the area and found that a 'restaurant' called The Hubb was not to be missed. It is a destination! Well . . . we went to dinner there. It is a small place outside of town that says it is a saloon/bar. When we walked in, it was so dark that it took a few seconds for the eyes to adjust enough to move. There was a live band playing right by the door. To actually call this a restaurant is an over statement. Now, if you want to go honky-tonking, this would definitely be the place. There was a country band, an old bar taking up most of the room and the music was so loud you couldn't hear yourself think. There was one bar table with 4 chairs in that room in addition to the bar. There was another small room with a couple of tables and a couple of booths. One of the tables was occupied. Now these booths were different. The seats were the right size for two people to sit, but the table wasn't as long as the seats so you couldn't seat 2 people on one side. Crazy. We went back to the table in the bar room. Thankfully the band was finished at 5:00. Now we could carry on a conversation. The Hubb was written up for having the best burger in town. When all was said and done, the food was very good. Maybe even Guy Fieri could feature The Hubb on his show "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives". It is definitely in the latter category, but it was good food.

On Sunday we took Mike and Donna geocaching. There are several just out in the desert from the RV park. They really liked it and will be geocaching as they travel. Later Tim and Mike played golf at a beautiful course, Mountain Falls. These desert courses are just gorgeous.

Monday Tim and Mike played golf at Mountain Falls golf course. It is one of the prettiest golf courses we have ever seen, so lush and green! Monday evening the park had a $5.00 buy-in Texas Hold'em tournament. We all played for the 2 hours and had a great time. Tuesday evening they sponsored a $1.00 taco night. Those were really good tacos!! After the tacos we went to the casino for a little while. Tim wanted to get in a last little bit of gambling before we left Nevada. The three of them were playing blackjack. I am strictly a penny slot person. I found a fun slot machine and made a little money. Then I moved to another one that wasn't fruitful. After that I found my favorite slot machine, Super Jackpot Party!!! I started playing that one and got on a real winning streak!! Donna came back and was sitting there as I made $90.20 on one play with all the bonuses and she (as was I) beside herself!! Soon after, I cashed out having started with $10.00 and wound up with $127.00 . . . on a penny slot! I bought ice cream for everybody!!

The next day we left for California. It was very difficult to say goodbye. We would have stayed a few more days, but we already had a reservation for Valencia Travel Village in Valencia, CA or we would have stayed. We are looking forward to meeting up with Donna and Mike in the future. Now its on to the next adventure.

(I will add pictures soon)

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