London to Sydney 2005 travel blog

Tea stop

The Baltit Fort

View from the fort

Cathedral mountain taken from Gulmit

Robin spent the morning on the car. I went for a walk and, when I got back, washed the car. When we had packed up we went up to the Baltit Fort above Karimabad. It was built as a residence rather than as a fortress 750 years ago. It has, of course, changed over the years. The British contributed whitewash and balconies. It was interesting to see the residential quarters.

We bought Na'an bread stuffed with vegetables cooked for us by the side of the road in a tandoor oven and ate it as a picnic later - when it was no longer burning my fingers. It was served in newspaper!

We then drove up to Gulmit - pretty but not very exciting. We all had dinner together and then there was music and dancing. I danced with the Mir's cousin.

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