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Brighton Pier

Brighton Pavillion

On the bus trip

I woke about 3am and read for a while. Getting into the time zone I think. Managed to doze off for a while and woke again about 7am. It gets light about 5am and dark about 9:30pm so no need to rush as we have nice long days. When I went to bed last night I had planned to go for a run this morning. That didn't happen. I was snuggled up in my nice warm doona and could convince myself to put on my shorts and head out the door. It was interesting seeing our manoeuvring around the room to get showered and dressed. One of us sit either sit on the bed or stand in a corner so the other person can get past to get into the barroom.

We went down to Barry's unit and had some toast before setting off about 9:30 to catch the bus to Brighton. It's overcast today and a bit cooler than yesterday however not too bad. First leg of the trip was the bus to Eastbourne and then we changed to another bus to Brighton. It was a very pretty trip along the coast and nice for us to be able to look at the scenery instead of being distracted driving and navigating.

Brighton looks just like it does in the movies...strange that! We wandered out onto the pier and looked across at the shell of the pier that burnt down a number of years ago. Some thoughts that was an insurance job. There was a lot of people around and even though it was far from a beach day, lots of people sitting in the beach. Well, they call it a beach....there's no sign of sand, only rocks. After thinking about it, I decided there could be an advantage to that...no sand in the car after a visit to the beach however it wouldn't be very comfortable for sunbathing. We had lunch on the pier (fish and chips of course) and a beer before moving on.

We walked into town and around the Brighton Royal Pavillion complex. In the gardens, there was a group of young people dressed up as all sorts of characters, dancing and messing around while being filmed. We weren't sure what that was about however they were having a lot of fun. We later found out the Brighton Festival is currently running so it may have been part of that. We sat outside a cafe and had a coffee while watching the world go by. Barry told us Brighton is a university town which explained the number of young people around town....and the number of oddly dressed people.

We wandered around a bit more of town before heading for the train station. There was a short wait and then off to Bexhill via Eastbourne. A group of primary school kids boarded and sat near us so we were well entertained for part of the journey. They must have been on a school excursion and quite a few had bought slap bands with furry dinosaur heads on them so there was much discussion about then. We then moved on to phobias including the name of the phobia for being afraid of being watched by a duck. Really!! Can't remember what it was but one of the girls looked it up on her smartphone. We were sad to see them leave the train.

Home again and afternoon rest time. Slept for a couple of hours before meeting Barry and heading to the cafe that's part of the unit complex for a beer and light dinner. We took the map books with us so we could decided where to from here as its time to move on. Barry pointed out that it's a long weekend this weekend so we should be thinking about booking accommodation or it could do be a bit difficult. We've decided to head for Salisbury tomorrow and then into Cornwall on Friday.

There was an event being run on the foreshore opposite (looked like there was a half marathon amongst other distances) so we watched the participants running past. I was feeling a bit twitchy as though I should have been out there.

We were off to bed about 10:30. Big day tomorrow so we'll need a good sleep.

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