Crossing the border into Oregon...

We saw a lot of floating homes on the water in the...

Portland Oregon views..




We stopped at the Seven Feathers RV Resort, it was fabulous..

Last one!

We had another travel day, we are in Canyonville, Oregon. We stopped at the Seven Feathers RV Resort, this place is beautiful. We were wishing we had more time to spend in the area. They also have a casino nearby, they will take you to the casino and town if you wish. We just wanted to park and rest, we still have one more long travel day tomorrow. Next time I will be planning longer stops for travel days. We have decided doing this for four days in a row is way too much work. I will plan stops for at least a few days at each stop the next time we have a long drive to make. We are excited to be back in California tomorrow, we only have about 130 more miles to go. We will be staying in Northern California right at the Oregon line, we plan to do a lot of exploring in both California and Oregon over the next month. Check back later for more as we make our way to California in the morning.

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