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Aksu street scene

We have arrived in Aksu. I do not think that you will find it on your atlas, but it is 400km East of Kashgar along a good tarmac road - yippee! Back up to 16 miles to the gallon.

Charlotte's navigation into town was superb - despite all the road signs being in Chinese characters. It is easy once you get the hang of it. Aksu's first character is a kind of BoJ and the second a dancing man. We disagreed over the third one: C reckons it was 2 people dancing, but I insist that it was someone with ski-poles. Anyway, the road to Aksu was clearly signed 100m down the slip road but only visible once you have missed it, so we reversed back up.

Aksu is the Milton Keynes of Xinjiang province - modern shopping streets and industry - notably cotton which we saw on the road. We wandered around the centre and stopped in a cafe for a beer. We have not found postcards yet - or anything that someone might have made a postcard of, but we will not be defeated. We are currently in the biggest internet room I have seen full of Chinese men, mostly playing computer games.

10 Yuan to clean the car at the hotel and they did not even do a good job, so I sent the girl back. Not like yesterday.

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