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Kashgar Mosque

Guitar anyone?

Street food

Old Kashgar house

Car Wash

Breakfast was organised for our group in the restaurant opposite at 8.30 am. The time here is rather strange - all China is on Beijing time, but quite a few places locally have their clock set at 'local time' 2 hours behind. Therefore everything tends to happen late, so 8.30 was quite an early start.

First we went to get the car cleaned, having been tipped off about a local place. The dust from yesterday's road had got everywhere. The car wash was a family enterprise. Father wielded a pressure hose before his wife soaped it down - except the roof (she being of typical W China stature). Then a rinse before being passed on to the girls with cloths. We emptied the inside and the boot completely to get most of the dust out. The road is meant to be good from here. They did a superb cleaning job and at 10 Yuan (70p) I had clearly paid well over the odds compared with the locals and they were all smiles.

We then went for a wander around old Kashgar - or what little is left of it. The Mosque and the bazaar and some back streets that were picturesque. Whilst the new Chinese buildings are all smart, it is not quite the tourist attraction that it once was.

After our walk we took the car to a garage to clean the plugs and inspect damage underneath from the bad roads. Unlike some others, who are straightening and reparing, the Aston was in perfect condition. Our sump guard is very strong :-)

Good chinese food for supper - especially the veg.

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