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Chittenango Falls near Cazenovia

Chittenango Falls

"STOP the drunken sailors"

Countryside near where we are staying

One of the many dairy farms in the area

Sunset in the valley

Sky lit up after the sun set

Beautiful sunset last night

Moon and wind turbines

Ghost sign for out of business Smalley's Theater

Rain in Cooperstown while we ate at Hard Ball Cafe

Sharing an umbrella

Phillies locker display

Some of the Phillies displays

Does anyone remember Joe Carter (1993)?

Standing in the Outfield 2 years after Connie Mack Stadium closed

YoYo - frequented Veterans Stadium until he died in early '80's

Curt Schilling shoes from World Series - Drawing attention to ALS

"Tinkers to Evers to Chance"

Bonus Wagner $1 million baseball card

While Pete doesn't have a plaque, there are plenty of Rose artifacts...

We lived in Chicago when Disco Demolition Night was held at old...

Baseball deals with steroids in a small display

Ted Williams was analytical - each ball had a batting average he...

There was a great Hank Aaron section of the Hall

Loved the eyes of this picture of Detroit's Micky Cochrane

"Holy Cow" - Phil Rizzuto catch phrase - This was one of...

Fans will do anything to get a souvenir

Looking into the Hall of Plaques

Baseball after 9/11 - Ticket from cancelled Yankees game

Plaques of notable modern players in the Hall

Phillies plaques

3 of the Class of 1936

Early 20th century buildings in the Cooperstown Historic District

There are hanging baskets on all of the lamp posts

This ones for Paul - one of the many Red Sox slamming...

Abner Doubleday Field

Coopetown's Harley of Fame - great art work

We wrapped up our stay in central New York today with a visit to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, NY. Before going to the Hall of Fame, we decided to have lunch at the Hard Ball Cafe. Most of the tables are outside under awnings. Almost as soon as we sat down it started to rain and we started to get sprayed at our table along the railing. We move to a table further under the awning, but it started raining harder and the wind blew enough to get nearly everybody under the awning wet. Once the wind died down we were able to finish eating our lunch, but we were stuck at the restaurant until it stopped raining since we left the umbrellas in the car. After about 15 minutes, Sue decided to make a break across the street to a CVS to buy an umbrella. By the time she got back it had stopped raining and we were able to walk a block to the Hall of Fame. Didn't need the umbrella the rest of the afternoon.

The National Baseball Hall of Fame is not directly affiliated with Major League Baseball. It was founded by a local hotel owner to bolster the tourist business in Cooperstown that had suffered from the Great Depression and Prohibition which destroyed the market for locally grown hops. A new building was built and the Hall of Fame was dedicated in June 1939. The current building is 3 stories and as with most museum you could spend a day or more exploring all of the exhibits. We did a quick walk through, but still got a good flavor of the baseball related artifacts and history of the game. As you'll see from the pictures posted, my interest was to see what Phillies players and artifacts were displayed. Surprisingly there was a fair amount from the Phillie Phanatic costume to J-Rols spikes. Philly players were also well represented in the Plaque Gallery where the induction plaques are displayed. The first class of inductees was 1936 and included Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson, and Walter Johnson. Mike Piazza and Ken Griffey, Jr. are the Class of 2016 that will be inducted in 2 week on Induction Weekend. One thing that surprised me was the number of well known players from the 1950's that served in the Armed Forces either in WWII or Korea. Probably everyone knows that Ted William was a pilot in Korea, but Willie Mays was in the Army during Korea and Phillie Robin Roberts was in the Army in WWII. Visiting Cooperstown and the Hall of Fame is worthwhile even if you are a hockey fan.

Tomorrow we'll be continuing east and should reach Springfield, MA area. Hopefully the hills on US 20 get less steep to give Winnie a break. Stay tuned.

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