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Ice rink


Water park

Roller Coaster

Roller coaster

Sea lion show


This is a good RV park, nearly full, but we have 50 amp and it's gravel. They had rain a few days ago but it's dried up.

This is a perfect day, sun, warm temps around 85 degrees. We first took the High Bridge trolley that gave a view of Edmonton and the river from the height of an old railroad bridge. There was supposed to be a trolley barn museum with a movie about the history as well as narration on the ride. Didn't happen, this was the day of the Fringe Festival and the trolley was loaded with people each way, there were all sorts of people at the festival and we decided that was too much for us, so we just took a round trip.

We then went to the West Edmonton Mall and saw the major sights such as the Fantasy Land which has roller coaster rides and much more. We saw the ice rink, the water park with the ship, sea lion show and underwater ride as well as the swimming beach with a zip line and many slides. We saw Bourbon Street with many restaurants and looked at the various food courts for ice cream. Finally found Baskin Robbins but were too tired to stop. They don't have much to choose from when it comes to ice cream. We did stop at a vendor that was selling Ledz - shoes with LED lights - they were neat. We also saw.a Lambourghini that one could buy a chance to win - 4 for $50.

There are things to see on the east side such as the Ukranian Village and the Elk and Buffalo refuge but we drove through that construction yesterday and just didn't feel like going back there again.

We went back to the RV park. The Hydro Hot is working and we are using it for hot water just to be sure. The days are long - sun up around 6 AM and goes down after 9 PM.

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