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Hartwick Highlands, our campsite in Cooperstown

Sunset over the campground

Campfires are a must every evening

View of downtown Cooperstown towards the Hall of Fame

Another view of historic downtown Cooperstown

Charlene and Dennis in front of the Cooperstown Bat Company

Celebrating Charlene's birthday at Nicoletta's

Amazing food and fun company

Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

Me entering my personal Nirvana!

Dennis and me with Charlene and Dennis inside the entrance of the...

Your first stop is the Locker Room where all the major league...

Brooklyn Dodger memorabilia

Turnstile from the Polo Grounds, former home of the New York Giants

The Babe/Bambino, Babe Ruth

Just a few of the souvenirs from Babe Ruth's visit to Japan

Charlie Hustle, Pete Rose

Statue of Casey Stengel, player and manager for over 50 years

The San Diego Chicken

Hall of Fame looking towards the first three inductees

Tommy Lasorda's Hall of Fame plaque

Sandy Koufax's Hall of Fame plaque-he pitched at the first ball game...

Statues of Ted Williams and Babe Ruth

Roy Campanella, Dodger catcher and member of the Hall of Fame

Doubleday Field, "birthplace" of Baseball

Sitting in the stands where the Hall of Fame game is played...

This is close as I could get to the field where many...

Day trip into the Adirondack Mountains

Fall colors

Each day the colors get more vivid

Kaia's 3rd grade school picture

Kaia and Cosmo enjoying a warm rainy day in Upland, CA

Our next destination in New York was a must see for me (Cheryl), Cooperstown, home to the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. We met up with my aunt and uncle, Charlene and Dennis Bim, at the Hartwick Highlands RV Resort (for our fellow RV’ers this is an amazing campground). They have been on the road since early June and we finally caught up with them in time to enjoy the quaint town of Cooperstown.

As the baseball season enters into fall and the playoffs, I’d like to give a little background on my fanatical love of baseball. My dad took me to my first Dodger game in the early 1960’s and I was fortunate enough to see the great Sandy Koufax pitch at my very first ball game. Over the years the family attended many games to include the 1988 World Series. I learned the art of scorekeeping and to this day I find it hard to watch a game without scorekeeping. Anyway, thanks dad!!

The Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum was established in 1939 and serves as the central point for the study of the history of baseball, displaying baseball artifacts and finally it honors those who have excelled playing, managing and serving the sport. If you ever have the chance to visit this baseball Mecca, allow yourself at least 6-8 hours there is SO much to see and take in. I will let the photographs tell the rest of the story.

We didn’t just spend all our time at the Hall of Fame, we wandered around Cooperstown perusing the shops and one night we celebrated Charlene’s birthday at Nicoletta’s, an awesome Italian restaurant in town. Another day we drove into the Adirondack Mountains and were treated to a beautiful show of the fall leaves, amazing!

We are now off to Vermont and more new adventures, enjoy!

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