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Monday 10

Today is our longest day driving about 330 miles. There weren’t any casinos along our way, especially at a time for lunch so we made better time and arrived in Lancaster, California at the Pumpkin Patch we will be working at just after 4pm. I had to maneuver the motor home into a very tight area behind an inflatable ride and inside a fenced in area. After lowering the jacks onto two 4 X 4s the rear tires are about six inches off the ground in order for the RV to be level. I really don’t like it that high just sitting on 4 X 4s. Then when we went to hook up the electric we found out that the spider box had twist lock plugins instead of typical RV plugins. So now to have anything but 110v we will have to find an adapter. We went out to see if we could find one. We tried Home Depot and Lowes and neither of them had what we needed. It was getting late so we went back home to boondock for another night.

Tuesday 11

Today we started training and working on the rides and other attractions. We don’t normally open until 11am but they have private groups. Today there were two of these groups who came in at 9am and 10am. I spent some time in the petting zoo where one of the chickens is an escape artist. I watched him spending a lot of time staring at the gate until one time as I was letting kids out he made a break for it. Luckily there are two gates into the petting zoo just for that reason so I was able to catch him and return him to the zoo confines. There are goats, a pig, a couple of rabbits, a rooster, etc. in the zoo. Later I was working one of the mechanical rides and realized I need some sunscreen before I get burnt pretty bad. When I went to lunch I did get some sunscreen. I had a great time watching the kids having so much fun. We talked to the person who hired us about some mail we were expecting and the electrical hook up and he said he would send their work crew out who does the setups and other things on the lots. He had a long electrical cord with the proper plugs when he arrived. It turned out we will have 50 amp service, instead of just 30amp like we thought we would have. This is very good because with just 30 amp service we would only be able to run one air conditioner. It’s already so hot I doubt that one air conditioner will keep us comfortable in the heat of the day. I had also already noticed some blocks under some of the rides that would be a lot more secure under our jacks and asked about them also. The work crew had two of them with them also. I raised the jacks and put these other blocks underneath and lowered the jacks again. Now I feel much more secure with these blocks in place. Tomorrow I start work at 7am because we are getting a truck load of pumpkins. That same work crew will be out to unload the truck while me and another fellow count them as they come off.

Wednesday 12

Well I woke up at 5:30am with the help of the roster in the petting zoo. I was out and ready to help with the pumpkins at 7am. I heard the truck in the parking lot about 6am. Unloading the truck took about 3 hours. Then we worked until just before 2pm. Margie went back to work about 4:30 and I went at 6 so we both ended up working about 10 hours today. I’m having a great time watching the kids and interacting with them.

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