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Wednesday 19

This is our third day off. We are off today because we worked almost 60 hours last week. We are on salary and supposed to work about 50 hours per week. Since we started working as soon as we got here and worked 7 days we went a little over.

Thursday 20

I can’t remember anything exciting happening except for maybe the remote ticket booth being put together. It appears that this will be my ticket booth when we have large enough crowds. I will only be selling tickets, drinks, and socks for those that don’t have them on and want to ride the inflatable rides. It is not planned to be used until the weekend.

Friday 21

We had a large enough crowd today that they decided to put the remote ticket booth into use today. I didn’t have drinks and only sold socks and tickets. I loved being out there on my own. I call it my phone booth.

Saturday 22

I spent time in my phone booth again. Margie was made the caller today. The caller stands among the lines of people and estimates the size and price of their pumpkins. Then they write the price of the pumpkins on a piece of paper and hand it to the customer. The customer then hands the paper to the cashier when they get to the window. Otherwise the cashier has to look at the pumpkin and estimate it’s size by looking at sample pumpkins near the window that have prices written on them. She doesn’t like this job because it requires staying in one place and not enough activity.

Sunday 23

Margie was the caller again today and I spent most of my time in my phone booth. When I came back from my dinner break I took over from the person who had relieved me. We have tickets on rolls to use for one to 19 tickets. Then we have sheets of 20 tickets if someone asks for any combination of 20. When the first person asked for 20 tickets I found out that that was the last sheet. Then the roll started getting low especially since that was all the tickets I had to sell. Then the cash register receipt roll was about to run out, also. I started sending text messages to get more. It took a while but one of the managers came and brought me a receipt roll. That was the second text message I sent her and she didn’t see the one where I was running out of tickets. So, she went and got me more tickets. Toward the end of the night we closed my phone booth and I went to the main ticket booth. One guy came to my window and held up his piece of paper about two feet away from me and wasn’t even looking at me. So, I had to reach out and grab the paper from him which he took exception to and started being belligerent with me. I just deadpanned and said is that all for you. He kept being belligerent and I just kept asking him if that was all he needed. He handed me his credit card and I asked for his ID. This company is very strict about seeing a picture ID with any credit or debit card. I think since he had been such an ass he decided maybe he didn’t want me to see his ID. So, then he asked for his card back. I gave it to him. Then he asked for the piece of paper back and I gave that back to him. Then he made a comment that I wish I could have responded to. He said he couldn’t help it that I had a bullshit job. I just wonder if he even has a job and I’d bet he is just barely making ends meet if he is that. I would have said that he had no idea who he was talking to. I was going to manage one of the lots and I was living a dream life traveling and just working when and where I want to. As he turned away I just calmly called out for the next customer in line. I have no idea if he went to the next window or bought his pumpkin at all. Someone had bought pizzas and they were in this ticket booth at the end of the night. Nobody brought me any to my phone booth. However, at the end of the night there was the equivalent of one whole pizza left. I had a couple of pieces before we closed and then was told to take the rest home with me. I was told that there were enough small critters around that they really didn’t need to have food left in the booth. So, what could I do, I took the pizza home. On the way I got a can of soda out of a cooler. The pizza just needed soda to go with it. So, Margie and I had pizza for a late dinner. Then about 9:30 one of the managers called me from home and asked if we could go out and cover some motors that could get ruined with the rain. He said he would adjust our hours next week to compensate us for our time. We got some trash bags to cover the four motors and were back in the motor home by 9:50. The motors we covered were like winches for lifting the people up on the bungee ride. It has four stations that are trampolines. Margie couldn’t help herself and started jumping on one of the trampolines in the dark. When we got back I sent a text to the manager and told him that Margie said jumping on the trampoline was her payment and the soda I got to go with the pizza was mine.

Monday 24

Another day off and we went to do laundry and shopping. We ate lunch at Der Wienerschnitzel. I forgot to mention other places we have eaten. In Sumas, Washington we ate at a Mexican restaurant called El Nopal. That should translate as The No Friend. Get it, No Pal/No Friend. Here in Lancaster we also ate at Jackie’s Café which is right across the street from the Pumpkin Patch. After we got home with our groceries I went back out to get gas, wash our filthy truck and mail a check for deposit. I can deposit checks through my phone but this one is over the limit for phone deposits. I took a picture of the monitor in the truck that said distance to empty was 0. After fueling I found a drive through car wash that was only $6. I also got $10 in California lottery tickets.

Where we are parked we are inside the pumpkin patch fencing and are able to watch the people riding the rides, etc. So, many times that is our entertainment. It reminds me of a time when I didn’t have any TV reception and me and Jason sat on the balcony. I described what was going on around the apartment complex as if there were several real life cable channels going on.

Tuesday 25

Yesterday was payday so I went and got our checks today. They reduced our hours to make the minimum wage here of $10.50 match our salary. Then I talked to one of the managers for a while before returning to the motor home. Only two days off this week so tomorrow is back to work. Then we work until Sunday and as far as we know we are done here. We will stay around for a few days to a week. We understand that there may be an employee party after they close on Monday which is Halloween.

We want to go to Stove Pipe Wells in Death Valley and visit a couple of guys who are working there this winter. We worked with them in Alaska. It is about three hours from here. We can stay here for as long as three weeks until Christmas tree school the weekend before Thanksgiving. Or we can stay at our lot in Simi Valley or any combination of the two.

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