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Hindu goddess Kali in Bagdogra


Today we left Delhi for Darjeeling. We left at 8:00 AM for the Indira Ghandi airport for a 10:20 flight. The airport was not that far from the hotel but the traffic was outrageous. You certainly wouldn't want to be leaving late and hoping you could make up time because there is no hope of that. We then flew 2.5 hours to Bagdogra which looked like a city of very poor people. Even saw a few cows this time having their way in the city. We took a taxi to Darjeeling which was 95 KM away on the narrowest most windy road I have ever seen. It made the road to Hana in Maui look like a four lane expressway. It was up up up and turn turn turn all the way. In many places the road was in such poor shape we Canadians would consider it impassable, but our driver was amazing and he got us there safe and sound. All of our tour group took taxis as there is no way a coach could navigate the road from Bagdogra to Darjeeling and even if it could the roads only get narrower in Darjeeling. Unfortunately after arriving in Darjeeling I wasn't feeling good so when we got our room at 5 pm I went straight to bed so I am not sure what Dorothy did and she isn't saying.

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